Asia Media Summit 2020 (Canceled)

Nepal has agreed to host the 17th Asia Media Summit in 2020,  Mr Suresh Kumar Karki, Executive Director of Radio Nepal, announced this during the 45th AIBD General Conference

Here are some photos from Asia Media Summit 2019:-


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January 2021

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(Exclusively for Radio Television Brunei Staff)


COVID pandemic is said to be the biggest data story that has been ever told, and this story is being told not just with numbers but also with engaging and informative data visualisation. The pandemic presents a unique challenge but also an incredible opportunity for journalists.  Data visualisation and infographics are key in simplifying complex stories for audiences, including the current COVID-19 pandemic.  


Aim & Content

In these webinars, we will go in-depth on how to create engaging infographics. The first step will be to develop skills in finding data and curating it, including learning how to evaluate data. This masterclass will cover examples, sources of data as well as search techniques for finding data and the skills needed to judge the quality of the data. After the first session, participants will use these new skills to find data to be analyzed and visualized during practical sessions. They will do multitude of practical to prepared them for various eventualities such as lack of data, converting old data from PDF files to analyzing and visualizing.  



− To understand the concept of ‘open data’ and making sense of it for storytelling  

− To learn different tools/techniques for creating compelling and powerful multimedia/visual contents for broadcast, online and social media  

− To learn useful methods and tools to produce, curate, publish, share and redistribute multimedia contents  

− To know the scope, limitation and impact of digital storytelling, multimedia and data-driven journalism.  

− To pursue the features of digital journalism into broadcast  

Profile of Participant  

− General assignment or specialist journalists who want to improve their data analysis skills.  

− Investigative journalists who want to improve their data analysis skills.  

− Designers and web developers who want to work on data projects.  

− Editors and newsroom managers who want to know how to plan data projects and build and manage data teams.  


For similar training needs or further inquiry, please email to [email protected]