Asia Media Summit 2024

The Asia Media Summit (AMS) is an annual international media conference organised by AIBD as its flagship event. Every year in consultation with the members, partners and various global media gurus, a theme guides the direction and delivery of the summit. Being a unique broadcasting event in Asia-Pacific, it attracts around 500 top-ranking broadcasters, decision makers, media professionals, regulators, scholars, and stakeholders from within and outside the region. Apart from plenary sessions and pre-summit workshops, Asia Media Summit also provides a platform for intergovernmental dialogues to uplift the benchmarks of the regional media industry.


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The Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) is actively preparing for the Asia Media Summit 2024 by collaborating with industry leaders in China. AIBD met with Hubei Radio & Television to discuss co-organizing the Summit and learned about cutting-edge technologies from UHD World Association. AIBD also participated in the CCBN 2024 expo, where they connected with potential partners like RGBlink and E&EXC Inc., and visited Star Media Production Services to gain insights into their virtual production capabilities. Through these proactive efforts, AIBD is solidifying its position as a key player in the development of the Asia-Pacific broadcasting landscape.


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