Asia Media Summit 2020 (Canceled)

Nepal has agreed to host the 17th Asia Media Summit in 2020,  Mr Suresh Kumar Karki, Executive Director of Radio Nepal, announced this during the 45th AIBD General Conference

Here are some photos from Asia Media Summit 2019:-


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The emerging trend of high resolution display has led to the development of Ultra High Definition (UHD) also referred to as 4K televisions. UHD displays exhibit 4K resolution and are called as 4K panels. 4K means 4,000 pixels in various digital formats mainly used for the purpose of shooting motion pictures. As their names imply, 4K UHD has a considerably higher resolution than 1080P HD video.  4K resolution is exactly 3840 x 2160 pixels, whilst 1080P consists of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This massive difference brings about some important advantages for 4K when one compares it to the quality of a 1080P video.

Ultra High Definition Technologies for television are rapidly developing. Compared with existing high definition and standard definition television systems, UHD-1 or loosely known in television industry as 4K is advancement in technology that offers better viewing experience. More technical or appropriate term in television industry would be first generation Ultra High Definition television. The technical parameters of UHD-1 systems include higher image resolution, higher image frame rate (HFR), higher image dynamic range (HDR), wider color gamut (WCG), and advanced sound system technologies. The intent of a combination of all these enhanced parameters is to provide a more “immersive” and better experience for the viewer. Some broadcasters and producers of high value programs are already taking advantage of the latest “UHD” equipment in the market.

In view of the development that are taking place in 4K UHD Television arena, AIBD in collaboration with M/S ADINNO conducted one day pre-summit workshop on “Trends in 4K Technology” on 11 June, 2019 at Siem reap, Kingdom of Cambodia. The workshop highlighted the production and distribution of 4K content and how the image quality is enhanced with UHD cameras and production equipment. Dr Amal Punchihewa, Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Broadcast Technology Society and Mr Gordon Gu, CEO of ADINNO were the expert consultants. The experts  talked on technical parameters of UHD, including UHD-1 and UHD-2, end to end solution for UHD content, production, distribution, streaming and/or broadcasting and display devices.

On the first session ‘UHD Demystified’ Dr Amal introduced UHD Television to the participants with various standard, parameters, their impact on picture quality etc. Concepts of user experience (UX) and Quality of Experience (QoE) were explained to them in relation to end to end media value chain. He told 5G and 8K are two next-generation technologies that are pushing forward the envelope of innovation for video experiences. In the near future, 5G is expected to play a role in the delivery of mobile video content.  Possibility of delivering live, catch-up TV and VOD content in pristine 8K to TVs and mobile devices using 5G networks.

Dr Amal briefed about High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR), Influence of HDR on capture and display and HDR eco system as a whole. He discussed UHD-1 delivery of DVB-T2 and ATSC 3.0 systems and also satellite for UHD-1 delivery. Before the practical demos in subsequent sessions the basics of UHD 4K was well elaborated.

The subsequent sessions of the day was covered by ADINNO expert Mr Gordon Gu along with his colleague Mr ChaoJun Du with the theme “New Opportunity – New Media & 4K/8K-4K Universe UHD channel cover European market and more”. ADINNO Inc, located in Beijing, Shanghai, Bay area USA, is the leading 4K/HD end to end solution provider to worldwide Mobile/Fixed operators & Cable TV/ IPTV etc. offering 4K UHD based Contents and Production and OTT/ IPTV platform.

Mr Gordon talked about 4K UHD HDR and SDR  and  HFR/WCG citing that the technical parameters of UHD systems include higher image resolution, higher image frame rate (HFR), higher image dynamic range (HDR), wider colour gamut (WCG), and advanced sound system technologies. The intent of a combination of all these enhanced parameters is to provide a more “immersive” and better experience for the viewer. Mr Gu covered the following area elaborately.

4K Contents: One of ADINNO’s investment portfolio-4KUniverse Inc. is the first one offering 4K 7x24H channel in USA with Holleywood 4K UHD video/film, Partners with SES/ Amazon Fire TV/ European Swisscom,etc.

4K Production: The 4K based live production solution include the economic live 4K OBVAN, All-in-one IP production system, etc.

4K OTT/ IPTV: The 4K SEEI.TV offers the OTT/IPTV Combined total solution, including OTT/IPTV cloud, Intelligent CDN design and deployment, APP/H5/Player for end user’s Mobile phone/ PC/ laptop/ STB-smart TV/ Smart projector application, supporting Broadcast Matrix (TV Station, Cinema, Radio, Internet Video Web, such as Facebook Youtube etc).

For the better understanding and visualization of  4K studio and 8K studio production, Demos were set up in the classroom and experts explained every element in details benefiting the participants. Twenty one participants from 10 countries Cambodia, India, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mozambique, Nepal, Srilanka,  Vietnam and Thailand attended the workshop. Overall satisfaction level of the participants were very high as per feedback received.