Asia Media Summit 2022

Government of Republic of Fiji is parterning with AIBD for upcoming first-ever virtual Asia Media Summit from 23-26 May 2022.


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Participants of Regional News Packages Online Workshop


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Participants of Regional News Packages Online Workshop

Content & Technology must be “married” for online content creation

Newsroom Operation is the nerve or core centre of all media organisations, all over the world.  Traditionally, news coverage are carrying out physically.  But due to the onset of COVID pandemic which poses health hazards for close proximity.   Therefore, acquiring news knowledge and skill-sets to produce News Packages online for all journalists become inevitable under such circumstances for media organisations in order to remain relevant.

With this noble objective, AIBD conducted a two-day regional News Coverage online workshop for its member organisations. Four distinguished speakers from Russia, Malaysia and India shared their respective insights on topics related to Online Journalism and the relevant available tools for online verification of video content.

Deputy Director of Creative and Innovation, RT Creative Lab, Mr Ivor Crotty said that verification is a very simple methodology which is built on three elements, i.e. the source, date and location.  He also shared the toolbox for verifying of open sources and online tools to help verify video content.

Senior Lecturer, Department of Media and Communication Studies, Universiti Malaya, Dr Mumtaz Aini Alivi shared her insights on the Issues of Journalism practice in Malaysia.

Head of Prasar Bharati News Service (PBNS) and Digital Platform of India, Mr Samir Kumar shared that content production needs to take into consideration three very important aspects – Production, Presentation & Packaging for online world.  “Content is King.  But Content and Technology need to be married together for online content production”, he stressed.

Mr Samir also reiterated that producers also need to have some digital technological knowledge of the eco-system of content creation for the online world such as media mode and proper treatment are the key factors.

AIBD’s Head of Programme, Mr Nabeel Tirmazi also shared with the participants with impactful information on how to translate the UN-Led 17 SDGs Agenda into the local context while producing the programme content.

Some 30 News Editors, News Presenter, News Anchors, journalists and programme producers from the Asia-Pacific region attended the first ever regional News Packages online workshop.