Asia Media Summit 2022

Government of Republic of Fiji is parterning with AIBD for upcoming first-ever virtual Asia Media Summit from 23-26 May 2022.


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Regional Pre-Summit Workshop on Media Literacy – Creating a More Informed Society

AIBD Regional Pre-Summit Workshop on
Media Literacy – Creating a More Informed Society
21-22 May 2023
Bali, Indonesia


Global digitalisation has created unprecedented opportunities for information freedom and the empowerment of marginalised voices. Social media platforms, on the other hand, have become crucial in the spread of all kinds of information, including various information disorders such as hate speech, disinformation, and malinformation.

The ability to access, analyse, evaluate, and create media messages in a variety of formats, including print, video, audio, and digital media, is referred to as media literacy. It teaches people how media messages are created and how they influence people’s perceptions and beliefs.

Journalists, content creators, and television producers, among others, play critical roles in shaping the various significant social narratives. As a result, it is critical that they are given the relevant skills and information they need to use to promote media literacy.

This proposed programme aims to provide 20–25 media practitioners from regional broadcasting organisations with the tools and methods necessary to promote media literacy among the general public. They will gain a better understanding of the various forms of media and how they can be analysed and evaluated by attending this workshop. They will also learn about the role of media in encouraging critical thinking and how they can use their platforms to promote media literacy in their communities. Overall, this workshop will assist participants in becoming more knowledgeable media practitioners and advocates for media literacy in the digital age.

The project will be organised as a pre-summit workshop prior to the Asia-Media Summit 2023 in Bali, Indonesia, with participants from the Asia-Pacific region collaborating with local broadcasters.


This two-day workshop aims to provide media practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to promote media literacy among media practitioners. The workshop will look at the role of the media in the digital age, as well as the importance of using information tools responsibly and ethically. The objectives of this workshop are:

·     To deepen participants’ understanding of media literacy and its significance in the digital age;

·     To explore the media’s role in promoting media literacy among communities in the Asia Pacific region;

·     To enhance participants with the skills necessary to develop effective media literacy programmes; and

·     To promote networking and collaboration among media practitioners from the Asia Pacific and other regions.



The following topics will be covered in the workshop:

· Understanding media literacy and its significance in the digital age

· Best practices in promoting media literacy among communities

· Strategies for developing effective media literacy programs

· The role of media in promoting media literacy

· Responsible and ethical use of information tools



AIBD seeks following outcomes to achieve through this project:

  1. Increased awareness: Participants will gain a greater understanding of the negative impact of disinformation on societies.
  2. Concrete Strategies: Participants will develop a set of best practices and stratetgies for promoting media literacy among communities.
  3. Networking: Participants will have the opportunity to network with other like-minded media practitioners, organizations, and individuals. This could lead to collaborative projects or the sharing of resources and expertise.


The desired output from this project is that participants:

  • Understand the role of media to dispel various types of information disorders.
  • Able to train other fellow journalists
  • Protect themselves the negative impact of mal-informed information.
  • Analyse the current local and regional scenarios on negative propaganda done by different forces.