Asia Media Summit 2022

Government of Republic of Fiji is parterning with AIBD for upcoming first-ever virtual Asia Media Summit from 23-26 May 2022.


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Investigative journalism plays a vital role in bringing attention to topics that are of public interest and are important to public discourse. Right now, with mal-information, misinformation and disinformation finding many outlets, it is imperative for investigative journalist to take the lead by going deeper into issues while using all the approach which made Media ‘the fourth pillar of democracy’.

This project brings into focus the inherent power of investigative journalism to enable the society to become fairer and more democratic. With the rapidly spreading perception that there is an alternative to news, it is vital for journalists to expand their job scope to include not only the daily reporting and paparazzi-style news or commentary on celebrity life but to raise the awareness of the society as a whole, on the issues that are most relevant to them.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still sweeping the world, and leaving in its wake, uncertain and misinformed public that turn to every available news outlet or inversely mistrust all media sources; it paramount to build back their trust.



The aim of this seminar is to bring the local participants on a dedicated space to offer better understanding on how to handle and disseminate factual news in responsible manner.


Description of activity:

Seminar: The participants will learn about investigative journalism, ethics, best practices and case studies from prominent journalists. The Seminar is divided into 4 parts. The Showcase, Sharing Session, Masterclass and the Round-Table discussion.

Show case: The international participants (from the first 2 phase of this project) will present their completed projects.

Sharing Session: Prominent journalists will share their experiences and present on their work.

Masterclass: This is a 1 and half day session that will include sharing sessions, and hands-on work, on and presentation of group work/individual work. The Master class will focus on the below topics. 1) Ethical Issues and 2) Challenges & Opportunities of Investigative Journalism

Round-Table Discussion: Moderated discussion on Importance of Investigative. This session will feature top management of media organisation and prominent members of the media industry.


The seminar, will include an overview of investigative journalism, discussion of ethical issues and challenges facing investigative reporters. The work of each participant will be presented, and the results will be discussed, including the potential impact of the work and avenues for further reporting.

By providing a space that allows participants to share their experiences, and allowing them to learn from the best practices observed and experienced by the experts teaching the course, this project will create better understanding on how to handle and disseminate factual news in a responsible manner.


Content :

  • methods, limitations and dangers of undercover reporting.
  • look critically at recent case studies where investigative reporting went wrong and examples of cases where it helped to create awareness necessary to bring out change.
  • discuss the legal and ethical constraints on investigative reporting.
  • look at the importance of data in contemporary investigative reporting.


Participants Profile

Local reporters and content creators, from Radio, TV and Social media platforms with interest in investigative journalism.


Expected Outcome:

At the end of the project the participants should:

  • Be able to go deeper into subject and pursue topics beyond the daily headlines
  • Refined methodologies of research to produce material that includes all necessary factual information
  • Plan an investigative journalism project;
    • Ascertain which documentary evidence to pursue
    • Conduct traditional document research
    • Conduct internet research
    • Conduct interviews
    • Formulate the story