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December 2018


The AIBD/Hoso Bunka Foundation (HBF) Regional Workshop on New Approaches to Gender Issues through Broadcasting was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 11 December to 15 December 2018.

16 participants from broadcasting organizations in Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Myanmar, Pakistan and Thailand attended the workshop. The workshop focused on contemporary approaches and challenges for gender programming.

The workshop was conducted by Ms Usha Bhasin, former Additional Director General of Doordarshan, Dr Bina Akram Jabori, Assistant Professor, Khyber Medical University, Pakistan and Mr Nabeel Tirmazi, a former TV producer and documentary filmmaker from Pakistan and current AIBD programme manager.

Ms Usha Bhasin, Former Additional Deputy Director of Doordarshan, delivered sessions on the role of female broadcasters working in the media industry. She quoted many examples and case studies from India regarding impactful gender programming and showcased her renowned project ‘Kalyani’ which was produced in collaboration with the Indian Ministry of Health. Ms Bhasin also highlighted the role of participatory community media.

Dr Bina Akram Jabori highlighted the significance of gender equity before planning a gender-based programme. She also discussed the gender portrayal in different cultures and taboos related to it.

Mr Nabeel Tirmazi highlighted SDG No.5 on gender equality and told how to see all goals through the gender lens in one session. In other sessions he discussed persuasive storytelling techniques focused on gender and using the power of trans-media to highlight social issues.

During the workshop, the participants were asked to deliver their presentations with regards to their respective country’s gender programming. They also showcased their own productions and presented their ideas on overcoming gender challenges on media.

A video presentation on portrayal of women in the advertising industry to students by Dr Zobaida Jabu was also screened during the workshop.