Asia Media Summit 2022

Government of Republic of Fiji is parterning with AIBD for upcoming first-ever virtual Asia Media Summit from 23-26 May 2022.


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AMS 2016 – Speakers & Bio

Day One – Tuesday, 24 th May 2016

0945 – 1045 Plenary Session 1 : Asian Content Landscape

This session will attempt to map out a broad vision of media content based on present trends and developments in the Asia-Pacific region. It is critical to understand the current status of content industry, production environment in different contexts, support policies from governments and strategies for content development.

Ms Poonam Sharma
Mr Hwang Jin Woo
Mr Yan Chengsheng
Mr Jeff Barabe
Mr Nasir Jamal


1115 – 1230 Plenary Session 2 : ICT and the Evolving Broadcasting Environment

The modes of content creation and distribution have shifted inexorably with the advancement of ICT. This session will feature case studies of changes in the broadcasting environment caused by Big Data, next-generation telecommunications, Internet broadcasting, OTT and more. What are the strategies and best practices to manage these changes?

Mr Hairi Soewarso
Mr Kevin Anderson
Mr Mohan Chapagain
Ms Ines Jebali Gdoura
Ms Caterina Gomes
Mr Kwak Dongkyun


1400 – 1530 Plenary Session 3 : Compelling Content and New Ways of Telling the Story

How can the dominant issues and events, ideas and emotions of our times be transformed into captivating content? What techniques can broadcasters learn to create content that is original in both concept and format? Audiences are now looking for various platforms that allow them to simultaneously consume and interact with the content. What groundbreaking approaches are being used to create fresh and relevant content for such increasingly selective audiences? This session will feature examples from across the globe of content that breaks the traditional storytelling mold.

Mr Steve Ahern
Mr Antoine Nazaret
Mr Zhang Jianxin
Mr Anders Held
Mr Hussein Kurji
Ms Sunah Kim


1600 – 1730 Moderated Debate : Diversity vs Diversity: Coexistence of Local Culture and Globalised Content

While the diversity of media followed by the expanded size of the broadcast industry has satisfied the demands of audiences and facilitated industrial growth, massive media groups may be hampering cultural diversity of each country. Is there a balance between maintaining local culture and accepting successful content from the foreign market? Must measures be taken to resist this wave of globalisation, or should all content creators be given a “level playing field”?

Mr Sami Zeidan
Mr Kinley Dorji
Ms Juliette Vivier
Ms Moneeza Hashmi
Ms Kim Kyung Hee
Mr Salim Keshavjee
Mr Jayson Bernard Santos


Day 2 – Wednesday, 25th May 2016

0900 – 1030 : Plenary Session 4 : International Joint Production and Investment Strategy

What are the areas of international collaboration available to broadcasters to produce high-quality content and to allow it to reach vaster audiences? This session will look at some success stories of major international joint productions, effective investment strategies and support policies. How can such partnerships be initiated, and what are the associated obstacles?

Mr Anothai Udomsilp
Mr de Roquefeuil
Dr. Hyunsook Chung
Mr Leland Ling
Ms Shelley Mc Morrow


Day 2 – Wednesday, 25th May 2016

1100 – 1130 : Special Session : Raising Asian Content Value : Proposal for an Asian Content Bank Project

Aside from some content, most Asian content is not on the mainstream in terms of value in the global content market. To link Asian content with the linguistic, cultural and religious diversity and to raise its value, Asia should cooperate to expand its collective potentials.

The Korean Government would like to propose the co-operation project, titled ‘Asian Content Bank’, to make a content business such as online content trading among Asian countries. That way, Asian content providers will expand their business networks and create more active content business.

Prof. Dr. Shim Shang Min


1130 – 1230 : Plenary Session 5 : Monetising Content and Dealing with Copyright Issues

The market for media content is getting more and more complex, particularly with the possibilities of digitisation, online content and multiple platforms. How should broadcasters begin to segment, position, repackage and price their programmes effectively? How can monetary losses due to infringement of copyright be

Mr John Maguire
Ms Marini Ramlan
Mr Sanjay Salil
Mr Iain Martin
Mr Yan Bo


1400 – 1530 : Showcasing of Selected World TV Awards Entries

AIBD organises annually the World TV Awards competition with the aim of recognising the crucial role played by media in promoting the awareness of the audience on major issues such as cultural diversity, religious understanding, tolerance and peace. This special session will play a selection of high-quality entries for the World TV Awards 2016, including the winners and runners-ups.

Mr John Maguire


1600 – 1715 : CEO Roundtable : Looking Forward: Vision for Cutting-edge Content

Technological developments, fierce competition and audience choices in the global media industry are posing a crisis for many broadcasters to create content that can have an impact. What are the future horizons of content that will be explored in the coming decade? This session will look to present the big visions from leaders in the industry of how to strengthen competitiveness of media content in the years ahead.

Ms Nathalie Labourdette
Mr Lv Peng
Ms Francesca Unsworth
Mr Jo Guejo
Col. Dr. Natee Sukonrat
Mr S. M. Haroon-Or-Rashid