Asia Media Summit 2022

Government of Republic of Fiji is parterning with AIBD for upcoming first-ever virtual Asia Media Summit from 23-26 May 2022.


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Mediahub Newsletter #15

What experience?

Socrates said he was on top of things because he knew that he knew nothing. No wonder they made him drink that deadly beverage. Suits him right for being so smug. Read more

Editor’s Ramblings, by Maxime Villandré
What experience?

Socrates said he was on top of things because he knew that he knew nothing. No wonder they made him drink that deadly beverage. Suits him right for being so smug.

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Inside Story
The Week of Animation

Is it that time of the month again? Not talking about your wife, so you can come out from hiding. Its theme week once more on Mediahub Access!

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Mediahub Market’s new website

After Mediahub Access, here comes the Mediahub Market, its newest venture and it starts with its very own website…

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Mediahub Access’ team is at MIPCOM and wishes to meet you once more to reminisce about old times and catch up on what you and your enterprise have been up to, but also introduce you to its latest endeavor called the Mediahub Market.

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Terra Nova on Fox

Massive amount of dollars spent on gigantic creatures in the way of humanity’s solution to one of its most feared cataclysmic end game. Can it deliver and claim the big prize of gargantuan audiences?

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More value for the money online

Every vertical of online advertising seems to indicate that online TV ads are winning…

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YouTube linear channels to go live in 2012?

In addition to its non-monetized content viewable on Youtube’s website, the company is now setting its eyes on pay-TV…

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Your kids are leading the way

If you’ve been asking yourself why is it that the broadcasting markets are changing so rapidly look no further than your kids…

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Should content providers change focus?

Tablets such as the iPad have already sold in millions and the avid consumers who have purchased these devices are now demanding more content for the platform…

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Dream Racers – ChinAnimax

Dramatic racing animated series that teaches perseverance, failing as part of trying, but never letting go of one’s dreams of training to win the big prize…

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Elasto Culbuto – FTD

One of the nicest and most pleasant 3D cartoon to the eye, is filled with surprises and acrobatic rebounds…

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Captain Biceps – Futurikon

Tiny legs and head, but with the torso, arms and fist of 50 men, Captain Biceps is certainly not disproportionate in action and fun…

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Podcats – FTD

Video games come alive and cross universe with ours to share with us their taste for music…

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Samson & Neon – Toon Distribution

Having an alien friend with mystical powers can be lead to out of this world problems…

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The Configurators – ChinAnimax

Ancient technology and mysteries, freaky aliens that want to kill humans and control earth, but you at the control of a super robot fighting machine. What else could you ask for in terms of an adventure?

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Tony & Alberto – Toon Distribution

The rhythm of the music and the crazy eyed characters leave no space for misinterpretation: this will be a fun and wild adventure…

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Network & Market
Novavision is signing big deals in India

Novavision is one of those companies which is profiting from the growing buying power and the hungry markets of Asian broadcasting…

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Postam Malaysia

Malaysia has been more prolific on the global creative industry scene and it does not intend to stop there…

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The old television is not dead in India

While other international markets are being fickle and difficult, the emerging Indian market is on the rise and seems to be giving returns on every turn…

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Network expansion

Looking for new faces to meet at the upcoming Mipcom? How about getting to know Mediahub Access’ latest and newest members?

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