Asia Media Summit 2022

Government of Republic of Fiji is parterning with AIBD for upcoming first-ever virtual Asia Media Summit from 23-26 May 2022.


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Mediahub Newsletter #12

Mediahub at MIPCOMThe Mediahub team is gearing up for another eventful MIPCOM…

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Inside Story
Mediahub at MIPCOM

The Mediahub team is gearing up for another eventful MIPCOM…

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Latest Poll Results

Mediahub’s latest poll results fresh out of the oven…

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Samsung in the ropes

All-out war between Samsung and Apple continues with Apple winning one round in this patent fight extraordinaire…

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Man vs Wild Latino style?

Bear Grills is getting competition from a balding president taking time off fighting drug cartels…

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Rise of Man

France Television Distribution brings another fantastic documentary on the origins of man as he rises with the first civilizations…

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Editor’s Ramblings
TV brings us together

A new weekly column from Mediahub’s editor…

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FTV – 10 Daftar Pantangan Shira

Beautiful romance, sometimes tragic, mostly heartwarming that gets the ratings…

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Tarbosaurus, the mightiest ever

A sensational documentary that sheds light on the life and times of a gigantic beast which roamed the land before man was born…

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Namastey London

A modern India clashes with its conservative traditional roots in a tale of arranged marriage with a love that prevails…

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Network & Market
Mediaprima making a premium

Mediaprima is heading for another year of success with revenues…

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Large film for Minuscule

Big things in the works for the little insects as the title is in production for a major motion picture…

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Network Expansion

New companies from Butan, Macau, Afghanistan, and Myanmar coming in on…

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Upcoming Events
Almost time for another MIPCOM

The world’s largest entertainment venue is set to be bigger than ever…

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