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Government of Republic of Fiji is parterning with AIBD for upcoming first-ever virtual Asia Media Summit from 23-26 May 2022.


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TV Content Development with French Expertise



Inspiration – Creativity – Innovation

In the framework of our collaboration with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Regional Audiovisual Attaché based in Singapore at the French embassy, the AIBD has set up in 2009 a 3-year plan dedicated to TV content development only.2010 is the 2nd year of the plan offering 4 regional workshops.

All over the year 2010, professionals from VTV (Vietnam), MCOT (Thailand), GMA (Philippines), SCTV (Indonesia) and Media Prima (Malaysia) have explored how to design and produce short TV programme, Youth TV Programme, Entertainment TV Programme and Variety Show.


Inspiration – Creativity – Innovation

In the framework of our collaboration with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Regional Audiovisual Attaché based in Singapore at the French embassy, the AIBD has set up in 2009 a 3-year plan dedicated to TV content development only.2010 is the 2nd year of the plan offering 4 regional workshops.

All over the year 2010, professionals from VTV (Vietnam), MCOT (Thailand), GMA (Philippines), SCTV (Indonesia) and Media Prima (Malaysia) have explored how to design and produce short TV programme, Youth TV Programme, Entertainment TV Programme and Variety Show.



A strategic role for capturing the most global audience

8-11 March 2010 at GMA, Manila, Philippines

Variety shows have been an integral part of TV programming since the dawn of television. They play a strategic role in capturing the most global audience.

We are clearly in a “bad news” cycle, and people need to turn off from the bad news they see on News Shows everyday.  They need to enjoy themselves, to laugh, and to dream. Variety Shows offer them the perfect solution to do just that! They allow/encourage the viewers to relax and to enjoy themselves, whatever the programmes’ genre, musical, comedy, talk or reality TV shows.

Variety shows are relatively costly to produce, however they are popular in all territories, and offer a perfect captive audience for advertisers. The more captive the audience you can guarantee, the more advertising investment your channel will receive.

While “Reality TV Variety Concepts” are often designed by foreign productions and adapted for the local markets, there is a lot of original creation as Variety Shows offer the perfect platform to promote the nations cultural identity. The content is a direct reflection of a country’s cultural identity. It enables artists to sell themselves, their new releases, to the widest audience in a convivial & fun manner. It enables the audience to get to have a more intimate relationship with their favorite celebrities.

Therefore, the core of the workshop was to inspire participants to create local variety show concepts made for Southeast Asian market. After having explored the main trends, the steps of the production, the bible conception, the pitching techniques and the directing treatment, we have welcomed a famous TV Director, Massimo Manganaro, who directed Secret Story, Wheel of fortune, Nice People, Simple Life, Stars at home…etc.

Then, TF1 Production, a leading French production house, which belongs to the main French private channel, presented various concepts and formats. TF1 Production produced many programmes such as Taxi 4, La Vie en Rose, Nice People, NRJ Music Award, Dance floor, Wheel of fortune, Strange evenings, The Farm of celebrities, Temptation Island…etc.

And finally, Canal France International, CFI, came for presenting joint projects based on TV content development and capacity building.

This activity was conducted by 2 experts, Shelley Mc Morrow and Benoit De Lorme.Both used to work internationally and they designed and produced various live TV shows, Variety and Entertainment TV programmes. They also adapted many concepts such as Britain’s got Talent, Strictly Ballroom, Stars duels, Saturday Night Live…etc.

[swf files=”images/smallIMG_8033_0.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8044.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8046.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8049.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8056.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8058.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8061.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8099.jpg”]

Variety Show Photos


Generating more incomes while reducing production costs

5-8 April 2010 at Media Prima, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Mid-80’, came short informative programmes, 100% sponsored. Very quickly, those programmes became a meeting point for the audience.

In 10 years, in France, short programmes production has increased to 40% representing approximately 20% of the total revenue of the programmes.

In few words, broadcasters are generating more incomes, while reducing their production costs. This is the key success of the short TV programme.

In the 90’, short fictions have been produced and the results was a 10% growth of the audience rate…

The strengths of this specific format are huge. For instance, it can be applicable for a large range of content (e.g.: environment, security, health, architecture, way of life, sport events, news, economy, fictions, entertainment…and so on). It offers an alternative to the commercials break, which is generally too long and invites viewers to shift to another channel. It creates a meeting point with the audience keeping them and highly increasing the audience rate.

In the new upcoming digital era, short programmes are also perfectly suitable for various platforms of broadcasting such as Internet or mobile and therefore, it becomes very easy to meet the audience whatever the devices used.

It also allows a brand to communicate differently, to be associated with a chosen content programme, which is not commercials, to promote its values, to increase its notoriety and to be exposed to a maximum of people.

In another word, this new TV content format meets an incredible success answering at the same time to the broadcaster, viewer and advertiser’s expectations.

During the workshop, participants had to design a short programme suitable for the local audience. Afterward, they had to pitch it in front of a jury board.

At the end of the workshop, we welcomed 3 companies, EuroAsia – Calt production, a leading French production house specialized in short programmes (Camera Café, You women, Kaamelott…etc.), Only Lifestyle, European leader in lifestyle programming (Speed deco, Home Sweet Homes, Green Touch, Home Makeovers, Arts of Craft…etc.) and Logiways, Digital technologies and set-up-boxes software/hardware solutions.

The workshop was conducted by 2 experts, Benoit DE LORME, Producer, Director and Concept Developer of Short programmes, Entertainment and Comedy programmes and Alex BERGER, Founder, Chairman & CEO of ENJOY, an original content digital distribution company, Founder of MM&I, an international media strategy and growth consultancy, Creator & Producer of programs worldwide (drama, sitcoms, short programs, animation), Former head of strategy of Group Canal + (pav TV) and Former CEO of Vivendi Universal Net (TV/film/web/mobile/games).[swf files=”images/smallIMG_8420.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8423.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8424.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8463.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8467.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8474.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8490.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8497.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8533.jpg&&images/smallIMG_8549.jpg”]

Short Tv Programme Photos


How to meet youth audience’s expectation

14 to 17 June 2010 at SCTV, Jakarta, Indonesia 

It is obvious television plays an important role in society.  It offers us a communication tool though which we can pass on our values to our children, it is an effective way to emphasise our cultural identity and specificities as it is essential to the preservation of the collective memory, to save, and underline the value of our national heritage, literature, history, and culture. However, in the digital era offering plenty of new media platforms, it is quite challenging to reach the youth audience. Therefore one of the key point is to be able to create Youth programmes attractive, entertaining and funny enough which are also adapted to the other available media platforms such as Internet and mobile.

For now on, designing Youth programmes require a 360° strategy allowing our young audience to combine several activities such as social media, gaming and content creation & sharing.

After having reviewing the new trends and formats, the steps of content designing and production, the pitching techniques and the artistic direction treatment, the participants had created in groups Youth TV programmes suitable for the local market but also for the international market, as programmes and especially youth programmes have no frontiers anymore.

In front of a board of judges, participants have pitched their concepts which has been followed by a critics session.

Over the workshop, we have welcomed Herve Michel, Deputy Director International Relations at France Televisions. He conducted 2 sessions dedicated to the international market and the new opportunities for Asian broadcasters as well as youth programme for new media. And Nathalie Bobineau, Head of France Television Distribution, who showcased an impressive catalogue of Youth programmes and TV formats and explained the steps of production, the business model and the market of few specific youth programmes.

The workshop was conducted by 2 experts Shelley Mc Morrow, TV producer and co-creator of Disney Channel France and Samuel Germain, TV director and Director of photography.

[swf files=”images/smallIMG_9708.jpg&&images/smallIMG_9721.jpg&&images/smallIMG_9727.jpg&&images/smallIMG_9747.jpg&&images/smallIMG_9759.jpg&&images/smallIMG_9764.jpg&&images/smallIMG_9768.jpg&&images/smallIMG_9784.jpg&&images/smallIMG_9794.jpg&&images/smallIMG_9828.jpg&&images/smallIMG_9839.jpg”]


Youth TV Programmes Photos 


Local ideas development for reaching one of the most lucrative media markets.

4-7 October 2010 at MCOT, Bangkok, Thailand

Entertainment shows are one of the most successful formats reaching up to 35% of the audience rate and gathering all the TV viewers’ types. The incomes generated are colossal and many concepts designed are sold and spread all over the globe.

In this ultra competitive and fast market, the objectives of this workshop were to explore how to develop local concepts or adapt some existing ones highlighting the cultural specificities, generating new incomes and fitting with the local audience’s expectations. The main idea was to offer adapted skills and know-how in order to be able to “jump” into that fruitful and lucrative market.

All participants were put in situation to develop an original TV concept from the idea to the programmes’ trailer production and then to pitch it in front of a board of judges. The concept had to be designed for the Southeast market.

Therefore in 4 days, in 2 groups and gathering 5 nationalities, participants had to convince the board about their ideas. Please see the 2 concepts trailers below.

This exercise enabled them to work with new people, integrate new approaches and cultural specificities. And it is interesting to note that the results were really impressive and proved some TV concepts could easily reach the regional market.

The workshop has been conducted by 2 experts, Keverne MAPP, Artistic Director and Set Designer, who has been working for many international companies such as Nickelodeon TV (Britain), Medialab (France), Endemol (Holland), The Walt Disney Television Company (France, Italy, Spain, Britain, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Mexico), Kanakna Productions (Holland), MTV (France), Lagardère Europe or CANAL+ (France). And Bernard Prins, CEP, Producer, Executive Producer, Line Producer, who has adapted various international formats such as “So you think you can dance”, “Outback Jack”, “Wipe out”, “Desert Forges” (adaptation of Forges du Desert), “Gotcha (adaption of puncked. Hidden camera with VIP’s), “Supermodel”, “Funniest home movies”, “State Lotery show” (Big game show)… He created and developed formats for companies like Endemol, Eyeworks, Kanakna (Brussels, Belgian) or Tresor Entertainment (Munich, Germany).

[swf file=”videos/Closing Entertainment Photo Report.FLV”othervars=”image=video_thumbs/1168/video-thumb-for-1168-3.jpg”]

Closing Entertainment Photo Report

[swf file=”videos/2000baht Trailer.FLV”othervars=”image=video_thumbs/1167/video-thumb-for-1167-4.jpg”]

2000baht Trailer

[swf file=”videos/FraceLook Trailer.FLV”othervars=”image=video_thumbs/1166/video-thumb-for-1166-4.jpg”]

FraceLook Trailer