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>Training >AIBD/RTB In-country Workshop on Single Camera Production Operation

AIBD/RTB In-country Workshop on Single Camera Production Operation


A good TV programme does not rely on the script and directing only. Photography/ videography also plays an important role to pull the audience. It is important for a cameraman to, not only able to understand the command of TV language but has creativity and the skill to handle a camera /camcorder independently. He may be an experienced cameraman in the News department and studio but situation is different for a single camera production operation where creativity and techniques of shooting in sequence (SIS) are amongst the determining factors of success for the production and the needs of post-production.

A three days In-Country Workshop on Single Camera Production Operation was successfully held on 24th -26th September 2019 in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. It was organized by Radio Television Brunei (RTB) with the collaboration of Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD). It was aimed to enable the ENG cameraman to acquire the skills and techniques of SCP Operations to become professional and creative besides upskilling the cameraman to multi-task in both SCP and MCP operation in the TV station.

A total of 25 participants who are mostly cameraman and technicians from various unit (OB, EFP, ENG, studio, lighting & audio) attended the 3 days workshop.

In this workshop, participants learned about the important parts and the switches of the camcorder and had hands-on sessions practicing the technique of shooting.

The characteristic of the lens, such as focal length & depth of field were also taught to the participants. This was essential as understanding characteristic of the lens will help the cameraman to become creative.

The fundamentals of a basic MCP and SCP operation were revisited whereby the participants were reminded about the importance of the preparation for pre-production i.e. to get idea, planning, storyboard, shooting list and to be clear of the use for basic shot of what is establishing shot, detail shots and cutaway shots.

The important rules of Orientation / 180degrees rules, Interview and VOX pop in television production and technique of shooting were also demonstrated in order to make participants really understood what was been taught.

Shooting In Sequence ( SIS )

To understand SIS, the cameraman must have knowledge or expertise in dealing with camcorder and to understand the basic production rule such as:

–        What & where to use basic shot / composition (rules of third)

–        What is orientation / line of axis (180 degrees rule)

–        What is cut away shot. (important during editing rule)

SIS technique can save time, storage and it helped the cameraman to be independent. To showcase what had been learned, the participants were divided into small groups and given a chance to make mini project each using SIS technique.


All thanks to the experience of the trainer, Mr Azhar Kamat, the workshop ended with the participants acquiring the understanding of the importance of Pre-production preparation, storyboards and shooting list, the purpose and impact of taking quality shot with minimal storage and most of all know how to operate the camcorder professionally and shoot independently.

The workshop was officially closed by YM Cheong Chee Keong, Acting Deputy Director of Training and Human Resource Department.