Asia Media Summit 2022

Government of Republic of Fiji is parterning with AIBD for upcoming first-ever virtual Asia Media Summit from 23-26 May 2022.


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Media in a New Era for Global Development

Participants to the recent 15th AIBD General Conference have agreed to the proposed theme of the 15th Asia Media Summit titled “Media in a New Era for Global Development,” which will be held in Qingdao, China in May 2017.

The theme will focus on the role of media in setting the development agenda and in dealing with global changes affecting the economic, political, social and technological dimensions of global society, driven by accelerating technologies that impact how we live, learn and communicate in the world.

During the AIBD Strategic Plan Team Meeting in Tehran on 25 August 2016, some AIBD members suggested to include specific topics dealing with terrorism and human trafficking, which are major issues in many countries in Asia Pacific. Others recommended to give focus to media and information literacy especially for the youth so that they can better access, analyze, evaluate and use various media texts. Examining media’s role in promoting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals was another subject that should also be included.

At the closing of the 42nd Annual Gathering/15th AIBD General Conference in Tehran, Iran on 26 August 2016, Mr Yan Chengsheng, Deputy Director General, International Cooperation Dept, Hong kong, Macao & Taiwan Affairs Office, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film & TV (SAPPRFT) invited participants to tap the AMS as an opportunity to expand cooperation among broadcasters in dealing with the changing media landscape.

He said that the Chinese government, including SAPPRFT and the municipal government of Qingdao, supports the Summit and invites participants to enjoy the city’s vibrant economy, unique landscape and marvelous people.

The AIBD Secretariat is set to finalise the AMS programme by October 2016.

Participant to the Summit set from 23 – 25 May 2017 will include CEOs and department heads of broadcast networks, journalists, academicians, media specialists as well development stakeholders.

A moderated debate will take place on the theme” Media Responsibility and the SDGs: Media Activism vs Neutrality?” It will examine whether media should confine its role in communicating issues on SDGs or should assume a more active responsibility of helping ensure and execute these goals.

A special CEO Roundtable is also scheduled on the last day of the Summit, focused on identifying opportunities and partnerships between media and development stakeholders in ensuring the SDGs are attained by 2030.

The Summit will also showcase the winners of the 2017 Word TV Awards, which will highlight excellence in film and documentary production in Asia Pacific.