Asia Media Summit 2022

Government of Republic of Fiji is parterning with AIBD for upcoming first-ever virtual Asia Media Summit from 23-26 May 2022.


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>Asia Media Summit >AMS 2018 – Minister of State of Information & Broadcasting

AMS 2018 – Minister of State of Information & Broadcasting

The 15th Asia Media Summit,

Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore

Minister of State of Information & Broadcasting and Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports
11th May 2018

Taj Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi, India


Dignitaries on the Dias, Mr.Chang Xin director of the Asia Pacific Institute of Broadcasting Development. Mr. Abdul Rahim Suleman, the DG State Broadcasting Union. Dr. Abbas NaseriTaheri, President AIBD Conference. Nearly about 300 delegates who have been taking part here for the last two days, friends from media, students from Indian Institute of Mass Communication and elsewhere give me great pleasure to be a part of this summit.

When I think back, for two days people from 41 nations were here exchanging their experiences, exchanging their stories what a fabulous time I imagine those two days would have been exchanging notes and technology for content new delivery platforms better cooperation ahead it all speaks for better times ahead in terms of reaching out large number of people who need to be informed across all the nations. I know that South Asia for the matter entire Asia houses nearly 60 per cent of the entire of the world. And this is young population.

We also a home to very rich culture, heritage and history. And now I think the developing right from 1960s onwards Asia is being shaping up at the same point of time Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong now China and India entire Asia is now looking forward to better development and becoming stronger economically, culturally, socially and every each way. All of us at all the time a mostly telling story to each other they could be informative, they could be of entertainment but the end of all the stories how better can we communicate with each other, how better can we help people visualize the information which we need to give to them is at the end of the day making the story tellers better and better. And the stories then reach home to deliver the right message.

There are people being trained on it they are people who take naturally telling the stories and that is the reason why we thought is best that we continued this relationship of bringing everyone together on one platform and to learn from each other. We being one of the best story tellers in the world and that constitutes all the nations of the Asia together. Now how those different stories can be better told is what you all would have exchange in last two days together. And told that the competition in various categories was tough the more this forum can popularize the more competition will be the countries as well we have a Prime Minister who used his new method of communication which is social media very very effectively he developed two ways of communication now with his people and therefore, in todays time, which ever be the country, whatever be the laws, with the days of internet, with the days of social media, I think, what is more important now is who tells his story better, who tells his story faster, who lays out the facts earliest.

It is very difficult to stop the information today so, I think, for any Government, and for any person the best way to tell his story in the best possible manner and therefore we learn from each other and to learn from the best techniques that are available is what could be the essence and what could be the take home message from your meeting that is taking place in the last two days.

The poets, authors, journalists are all people who are part of this very essential message as to what is the story of Asia. For what you learn the western countries have shaped the stories of Asia I think, now is time for Asia to shape its own stories, real stories.


Stories of emotions, stories of success, stories of struggle but eventually stories of human ability to conquer difficulties and move ahead. I thank you all, and thank all the dignitaries who come. I do hope apart from the deliberations that youhad here and you have also time to visit this beautiful city of Delhi and also enjoy the cuisine here. I wish you all the best for the safe journey and thank you so much once again to the hosts who put together this whole event and enjoyed so much. Thank you so much.