Asia Media Summit 2022

Government of Republic of Fiji is parterning with AIBD for upcoming first-ever virtual Asia Media Summit from 23-26 May 2022.


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AMS Events

In conjunction with the Asia Media Summit 2012, AIBD and its partners will be organising the following events in Bangkok, Thailand.

In conjunction with the Asia Media Summit 2012, AIBD and its partners will be organising the following events in Bangkok, Thailand.

26 – 28 May:  AIBD/ITU/ABU Workshop on Digital Broadcasting: Opportunities, Business and Challenges
Organised by ITU and AIBD, this 3-day workshop will address the factors influencing the migration from analogue to Digital technology for broadcast. Country experiences on the migration will be examined, options for technologies explained and commercial and regulatory opportunities investigated.

26 – 28 May:  AIBD/CFI Workshop on TV Branding and Visual Identity
Organised by Canal France International and AIBD, this 3-day workshop aims to focus on the importance of the visual identity of a TV channel: how a strong brand image can help build brand awareness, the role of the visual identity in creating the graphic editorial line and in the structuring of the TV programmes.

27 – 28 May:  AIBD/EBU/CCTV Master Class: Leading Change in the Newsroom
EBU will be collaborating with AIBD and China Central Television (CCTV) to present their Master Class, an internationally recognized primary training format, on May 27-28. The theme for this Master Class edition is “Leading Change in the Newsroom”. The topic centers on the growing need for editorial rooms to be movers and shakers rather than responders to change. Challenges facing editors today include converging content on various media platforms, incorporating social media in news stories, injecting a creative spark into the workroom, and being able to give constructive feedback to staff. In the face of all this, the modern media landscape necessitates that editors be able to lead in implementing change in their organisation.

28 May:  AIBD/UNESCO/FES Workshop on Media Ethics in the Age of Social Media
The growth of online media such as internet forums, blogs & micro blogs, Wikipedia, Twitter etc. have dramatically changed the legal environment for journalists which has brought about a plethora of ethical issues, moral and social pressures in an increasingly complex media environment. The one day pre summit on “Media Ethics in the Age of Social Media” provides a unique opportunity for broadcast journalists and other media practitioners to deliberate on ethical issues confronting providers and users of social media, stimulate critical thinking to avoid harming the reputation, dignity and privacy of individuals and information which is offensive that has entered to an uncharted territory of law and ethics in the age of social media.

28 May:  AIBD/MSF Workshop on Media Quality Management
Today’s media are facing major challenges in the form of dwindling credibility, manipulation and/or control by government and industry, strong economic pressures, and changed landscape due to the introduction of information and communication technologies (ICT’s). To help media to face these crucial challenges, the Media and Society Foundation, in cooperation with ISAS, has developed a quality management standard based on the ISO 9000 family, specifically for the media: ISAS BCP 9001:2010 covering the management needs of the press as well as those from broadcasters and Internet content providers. This pre-Summit workshop on May 28 will present this standard and demonstrate its effectiveness relevant to broadcaster operations.

29 – 30 May:  Mediahub Market
The Mediahub Market is the first ever international B2B media market specifically designed to create a privileged link between international content providers and Asia Pacific emerging media broadcasters. Purposely organised in conjunction with the AIBD’s annual Asia Media Summit, the Mediahub Market was created to offer AMS participants & AIBD members the unique possibility to connect with audiovisual content providers from across the globe and explore new business opportunities.

The Mediahub Market will provide an ideal opportunity to meet, on a one-to-one basis, with over 50 content providers from all over the world. You will be able to view content from across all genres, and discuss your needs in terms of content. You can explain the specificities of your markets so that the exhibiting content providers can propose the formats best adapted to meet your needs. 

For more info on Mediahub Market, please visit www.mediahubmarket.com, www.mediahubaccess.com or contact us at: [email protected]