Asia Media Summit 2022

Government of Republic of Fiji is parterning with AIBD for upcoming first-ever virtual Asia Media Summit from 23-26 May 2022.


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Mediahub Newsletter #17

Associating content to social media

Thinking of bringing your newest content and tying it up with social media? Easy. Getting the audience? Not so easy. Read more


Mediahub Newsletter 17 October 2011
Editor’s Ramblings, by Maxime Villandré
Associating content to social media

Thinking of bringing your newest content and tying it up with social media? Easy. Getting the audience? Not so easy.

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Inside Story
Mediahub Access’ most visited

This week we reveal to you our top 10 most viewed format previews of the hub and…

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Warnerbros UltraViolet

Linking all of your digital devices to your movie and music library without ever having to physically have the product will soon be the way and Warnerbros Ultraviolet is a…

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Hulu not for sale anymore

The saga of one of the most anticipated corporate sales of the year as taken a non-anticipated turn as the owners of Hulu…

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TV and Video Apps to rank top in the future of mobility

Increased revenue and occupation of traffic space are envisioned by latest analysis conducted by…

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The Xbox, the new cable box

The rival to good old fashion TV is coming to you through the video games backdoor as announced by Microsoft latest…

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Playboy and Charlie’s Angels get the boot

Bunnies and action girls say goodbye to America’s networks primetime schedules…

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Gourmet – Only life style

With only the best in mind for food outings and inspirational delights, Gourmet offers you a variety show of copious delectable venues and menus.

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Takat the Dog – Edebe

If the definition of cool could be a pet it would certainly fit Takat the rascal tail-wagger. Follow the adventures of this mongrel hound and his Latin friends.

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Heyy Babyy – Eros

This Bollywood’s take on the Hollywood classic comedy Three men and a baby, has more than a twist up its sleeve….

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RUBI SERIES – ChinAnimax

A 3D animated series made for toddlers and kids of young age, is well crafted and presented.

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Network & Market
Malaysia strikes gold at the MIPCOM

Malaysia is finally seeing the dividends of its investment in an industry close to its heart.

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ATV Hong Kong in danger

Unhappy with its broadcaster, shareholders of Asia Television Ltd (ATV) are seeking to liquidate…

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A first for YouTube and Southeast Asia

YouTube launches locally in the Philippines, prompting a first for the company and the Southeast Asian region.

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Invisible cricket anyone?

Amateurs of the sport of cricket were deprived of their favorite pastime when a misunderstanding led to a blank broadcast during an anticipated match as…

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Network expansion

New members are joining Mediahub Access on a daily basis. We introduce some of this week’s latest newcomer.

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Upcoming Events
Siggraph Asia 2011

Discover the next wave of excellence in computer graphics and interactive techniques as SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 goes to Hong Kong, the ideal location for a unique blend of “East meets West”.

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