Asia Media Summit 2020 (Canceled)

Nepal has agreed to host the 17th Asia Media Summit in 2020,  Mr Suresh Kumar Karki, Executive Director of Radio Nepal, announced this during the 45th AIBD General Conference

Here are some photos from Asia Media Summit 2019:-


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AIBD/IPDC Regional Workshop on Digital Safety

Journalists face an increasing challenge to secure their  communications in a digital world. The protection of confidential source can be easily compromised in a world where surveillance is becoming ubiquitous. Today, there is no anonymity on the internet unless you take specific measures that include disguising your digital identity and activities and taking measures to secure your online communications but even so, it is not guaranteed that your communications are
safe. Can journalists secure their communications and protect their sources?

When journalists concern themselves with cybersecurity and take defensive measures, they not only protect their own personal data and that of their news organization but also they also strike a blow for the independence and integrity of the press. In some cases, data protection is even more significant, rising
to a critical safety issue. Journalists should think of digital cybersecurity as equally important as reporting on current events with integrity and passion. In particular, reporters working on investigative stories or exposes are at risk, and data can become a matter of life and death.

Many media organizations in the Asia-Pacific region are finding difficulty in these chaotic times to have effective and efficient cyber risk assessments. COVID-19 has exposed gaps in cybersecurity safety workflow. In recent weeks, various broadcasting organisations have faced malware scripts, phishing and
targeted attacks. Apart from financial losses, such vulnerabilities are threatening the credibility of these organisations as well.

The objective of this webinar is to raise awareness among media professionals/ broadcasters regarding recent cybersecurity issues, threat landscape and how to foster the culture of cyber security effectively. Case studies related to remote business operations will be discussed as well by experts.
Some of the key objectives of this workshop are:
Devising cybersecurity guideline for the participating organisations
Understanding latest threats in digital world
Learning to protect identity and data
Exploring various techniques to avoid cyber threats
Managing online abuse and threat


Apr 28 - 29 2021


2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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