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The AIBD/CBA In-Country Workshop on Role of Media in Disaster Reporting was held in Islamabad, Pakistan between 3 and 6 Dec 2010 for broadcast journalists and executives.

I was invited by the sponsoring organizations to act as the resource person for the workshop. Planning and preparation during the pre-workshop period went smoothly, and our host in Islamabad, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), did an admirable job providing all the support required.

The media landscape in Bhutan offers many opportunities as well as challenges for those involved in reform.   For a country which introduced television as recently as 1999, and which until a couple of years ago had only one (state-owned) newspaper, the spurt in media-related activity, especially since the advent of popular democracy in 2008, has been striking.  It is not surprising, therefore, that attention has now turned to strengthening public service broadcasting in this Himalayan idyll.