Diversity Makers - Television

They are young. They belong to diverse ethnic minorities, living in multicultural spaces. Daily, they speak more than one language. Perhaps they don’t intend to change the world but nevertheless, given their choices and the way they've decided to live their lives, they are changing their surroundings thus shaping anew the mentalities of those around them. 

Their stories reflect diverse journeys taken by these young people. The result is the construction of a new form of citizenship in a multicultural world.  Such is life in the Asian Pacific countries and in Canada.  





[swf file="videos/Portrait Of A Musician.flv" params="width=320&&height=240" othervars="image=video_thumbs/2687/video-thumb-for-2687-3.jpg"]

Portrait of a Musician   10’34
By Wijil Wismono
TV Producer – Televisi Republik Indonesia

Behind the Veil   7’00

By Hina Khwaja Bayat
Anchor / Senior Producer – GEO TV, Pakistan

[swf file="videos/My Second Calling.flv" params="width=320&&height=240" othervars="image=video_thumbs/2672/video-thumb-for-2672-4.jpg"]

 My Second Calling   7’34

By Hassan Abidur Reja Jewel 

Chief, Productions and Events - Channel I, Bangladesh

[swf file="videos/Love Sans Borders.FLV" params="width=320&&height=240" othervars="image=video_thumbs/2462/video-thumb-for-2462-4.jpg"] Love Sans Borders   5’40
By Uma Sudhir
Senior Editor - New Delhi Television Limited, India 

[swf file="videos/The Mandarin Teacher.flv" params="width=320&&height=240" othervars="image=video_thumbs/2688/video-thumb-for-2688-3.jpg"]

The Mandarin Teacher   7’37

By Satrio Arismunandar 

News Producer, News Division - Trans TV, Indonesia 



[swf file="videos/Jokos_Album.flv" params="width=320&&height=240" othervars="image=video_thumbs/1155/video-thumb-for-1155-1.jpg"] Joko’s Album   5’14
By Alex Reeza Shariman Othman
Head of Interactive TV - Radio Television Malaysia
and Norfadzilah Hashim
Producer - Radio Television Malaysia

[swf file="videos/Bridging_to_all.flv" params="width=320&&height=240" othervars="image=video_thumbs/1153/video-thumb-for-1153-1.jpg"] Bridging to All   5’49
By Gamlakshage Chandana Senevirathne
Senior Producer, Documentary Unit - Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation

[swffile="videos/Food_For_Thought.flv"params="width=320&&height=240" othervars="image=video_thumbs/1154/video-thumb-for-1154-2.jpg"] Food for Thought   6’16
By Amila Buddhika Dissanayake
Producer - Young Asia Television, Sri Lanka

[swf file="videos/Dj_Billy.flv" params="width=320&&height=240" othervars="image=video_thumbs/1152/video-thumb-for-1152-2.jpg"] DJ Billy   5’10
By Muaviath Anwar
Assistant Producer - Television Maldives