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AIBD/RTB In-Country Online Workshop on 360 Effective Marketing & Advertising

 5th November 2020 (Thursday)

09:00 am ~ 16:30 pm

Hosted from AIBD Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Project Outline


As the COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc around the world, broadcasting is one such industry which is currently under its grip, besides other sectors. We recognize that the current situation is fast-moving, unprecedented and unpredictable. We foreseen for the time being, viewing of TV programmes may increase if people stay at home. However, it would be simplistic to say that this is good for the broadcasting industry, as we all aware that the negative longer-term impact, assuming an economic downturn, with impact on advertisers’ confidence and discretionary media spend. Based on this scenario, the broadcasters need to create engaging, marketing strategies as well as high-quality content to build stronger relationships with the audience and the market.



The proposed workshop is intended to help content creators (TV & Radio programmers) to understand and to be able to strategize effective techniques on marketing and advertising programmes to entice their target audience.


The objective of the workshop is to identify the ideal combination of media outlets for marketing a content, service, or brand. It involves market research, identifying target audiences, analyzing their propensity to engage with broadcasting content, planning media marketing execution, and working with specific budgets. Successful media plans require strategic balance. The participants will gather and analyze insights about current industry trends, analyze what the competition is doing, identify the ideal target audiences, and strive to understand where those audiences are most active. Media planning is an integral part of any business strategy. The  expert trainer will help the participants to craft a successful planning that drives consumer traffic and improves overall brand presence of broadcasting content.


Course Content

1.     Understanding your brand and market;

2.     Defining Core Target Audiences;

3.     Engaging your target customers;

4.     Communication Strategy;

5.     Promotion and Marketing Strategy;

6.     Maximisation of multi-platforms; and

7.     Opportunities of Increasing Revenue through Effective Marketing and Advertising


Expected outcomes

At the end of the workshop, the participants are able to:

  • Identify and understanding the desire of their audience & listeners;

Develop effective marketing strategies to reach target audience;

  • Creating awareness to mass audience & listeners using multi-platform; and
  • Maximizing the application of digital platforms available for effective advertising & promotional technique.


Participant profile (20-30 maximum)

  • The workshop is for Content Creators (Radio & TV programmers), Marketing & Advertising Managers, Sales Executive  
  • At least have 2 – 5 years experience;
  • Fluently in English both in speaking and writing



Online Lecturers / Discussions / Slides & Video Presentation


Via Zoom virtual platfor