AIBD Webinar on Health Journalism: A Dialogue with Broadcasters



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AIBD Webinar on Health Journalism: A Dialogue with Broadcasters

25th June 2020

2:00 pm MYT (GMT+8)



Media has expanded many-fold in the last three decades due to developments in communication technologies. Since most countries were not prepared for the rapid proliferation of media channels, trained and experienced manpower was in short supply. Though the situation has stabilized to some extent, the present manpower base in media is ill-equipped to report on health issues. Those who understand even the basics of health communication are far and too few, because media houses never considered health reporting relevant for media consumers. But this has changed due to COVID-19.

The importance of different obstacles varied with the type of media and experience. Many health reporters feel that it is difficult to find independent experts willing to assist journalists, and also think that editors need more education in critical appraisal of medical news. Almost all of the respondents agreed that the informative value of their reporting is important.


There are many barriers to improving the informative value of medical journalism: lack of time and space, lack of knowledge and difficulties with terminology, competition for space and audience, and commercialization.

This webinar aims to create a dialogue between the top-management of media industry to address the barriers to reporting and dissemination of health content. It will highlight the importance of health journalism and encourage support of the field within their respective organization by equipping journalists with the proper tools, training and allocation of space for their content within the line-up.


  • To investigate constraints on improving the informative value of health reports in the mass media and clarify possible strategies for addressing these.


  • To provide platform to discuss the strategies and to review the allocation for health reports in the current media time-line


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Invited Panelists:

Dr Cory Couillard

Consultant, WHO


Dr Manimaran K

Director for Health

Health and Behavioural Research

National Institute for Health



Prof. Dr Zahid Haque

Chairman, World Health Innovation Summit &

Senior Advisor

World Sports Alliance, IGO


Dr Jia Xiao Fang 


China Int’l Health & Medical Tourism Association



Mr KP Madhu

Science Writing Consultant

Current Science Magazine