AIBD/UNESCO Focus on Gender



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AIBD together with UNESCO Office in Hanoi implemented the first mission from 5 to 9 September 2011 as a preparatory meeting to translate into Vietnamese the AIBD/FES publication on “Broadcasting for All: Focus on Gender” – a guideline for gender-sensitive broadcasting.

The guideline was contextualized to the context of Vietnam in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Communications in Hanoi. This was within the framework of a Joint Programme that the Vietnamese Government together with the United Nations is carrying out on Gender Equality to enhance the capacities of different ministries to implement the Law on Gender Equality and the Law on Domestic Violence Prevention and Control.


Vietnam is a signatory to human rights conventions which guarantee equality between men and women, which has a Plan of Action for the Advancement of Women and has mainstreamed gender equality considerations into its Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy and Socio-Economic Development Plan where the Government of Vietnam’s commitment to gender equality is evident in its policies at the institutional level.


AIBD engaged Ms Jai Chandiram an experienced trainer as the international consultant from India to work with the national consultant Professor Le Thi Quy and Associate Expert Heidi Kivekas from UNESCO. During the preparatory meeting they met with the stakeholders from broadcasting including representatives from Voice of Vietnam and Vietnam Television, electronic and print media and members of Vietnam News Agency to collect their inputs to develop the training contents and materials that are simple and illustrated with examples from Vietnamese media for training of media professionals which was scheduled for 28-29 September in Hanoi. 30 to 35 journalists and media professionals are expected to attend this training hosted by the Ministry of Information and Communication organized and supported by AIBD and UNESCO – Hanoi.


As stated by Jai Chandiram “it was a challenge to contextualize and operationalise the guidelines for use in Vietnam. From all accounts the gender index in Viet Nam seems admirable so I was puzzled with the need for guidelines in Viet Nam. On studying more deeply the gender issues it was clear that there was need to build awareness about Viet Nam’s new laws on gender equality and equity”.


The AIBD and FES granted permission to UNESCO Office in Hanoi to disseminate (in print and online in the project related websites and in particular UNESCO and MOCI) the Vietnamese edition of the publication “Broadcasting for All: Focus on Gender” published by AIBD and the FES in 2011. This publication is a result of a long-term project based on extensive research, review and analysis carried out in AIBD member countries and undertaken by a working group from a broad range of countries beyond the geographical boundaries of the Asia-Pacific Region.