AIBD / TVRI In-country workshop on Mobile Journalism



Submitted by admin on Wed, 09/11/2019 - 14:25

AIBD is collaborating with TVRI to organise an in-country workshop on Mobile Journalism in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. the 5 day workshop will begin on 23 September 2019. 


Around the world, mobile phones are changing the way journalists work. This
course aims to focus the development of the concept of the mobile journalism, known by the abbreviation “mojo”. Mobile journalists are reporters who use a mobile or cell phone to shoot stills or video with the mobile’s camera, capture and edit audio and video, and compose stories with fold-away keyboards.

The power of the mobile phone for reporting is the combination of always-on
connectedness with the convenience of a news gathering tool in reporter’s pocket. Mojo changes journalism because of the ability to break news from the field, cheaply and simply. It means newsrooms need to accommodate new information flows, and introduce new structures.

This immediacy accelerates how journalism happens, and introduces new challenges for editorial executives. This 4-day course will highlight the spread of the mobile phone as a news gathering tool, and offers examples from around the world, as well as to shoot, edit and distribute it efficiently and effectively.

At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to:
  • Knowing the latest use of mobile phones / devices for the publication of materials
  • Discuss and understand the quality of shooting and quality audio capture.
  • Understand the capabilities of mobile phones / devices to be used including third-party mobile applications
  • Understand the techniques of writing scripts and editing work processes using mobile phone / device.
  • Learn how to record audio interviews and use a microphone to get the best sound.
  • Shoot video interviews and learn how to frame the subject correctly using well-established cinematography techniques.
  • Film vox pops, point-of-view shots, action shots and film multiple interviewees.
  • Use your smartphone to film establishing shots and cutaway shots.
  • Learn how to use natural lighting as a key light to model and illuminate the subject.
  • Use good interview technique and learn how to edit for the sound.
  • Take photographs and learn how to use picture composition and rule of thirds.
  • Use recorded audio and photographs to create a slideshow.
  • Learn how to edit your clips and use a smartphone app to create a video news story.
  • Use a variety apps to create PDFs, edit photographs and colour grade video.
  • Launch video news stories online using social media and web sites.