AIBD/IPPTAR Regional Workshop on Data Journalism, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

03/10/2018 08:45
05/10/2018 17:30
Asia/Kuala Lumpur


To provide participants with access to knowledge and skills that will aid in their journalistic activities at both mainstream news publishing outlets and social media platforms using data and digital reporting tools.

• To understand the concept of ‘open data’ and making sense of it for storytelling
• To build the technical skillsets to scrape, extract, clean, analyze and mapping/visualize data using spreadsheet and various web-based applications
• To learn different tools/techniques for creating compelling and powerful multimedia/visual contents for broadcast, online and social media
• To learn useful methods and tools to produce, curate, publish, share and redistribute multimedia contents
• To acquire a deeper understanding of web analytics and social media matrix in order to engage audiences on digitally published news contents
• To know how to measure the ‘audience reach’ and the impact
• To know the scope, limitation and impact of digital storytelling, multimedia and data-driven journalism.
• To pursue the features of digital journalism into broadcast
• To develop abilities to crowdsource User Generated Content (UGC) from social media for news reporting
• To verify and fact-check viral contents online
• To learn advanced online searching and investigation techniques online and social media

Teaching methods:
• Multimedia presentation slides with online examples and handouts
• Intensive and interactive hands-on sessions [using laptops and smartphones]
• Data and multimedia boot camp [working with real datasets]
• Pre and post evaluation survey of participants to assess their need and capacity - before and after the workshop.

Expected outputs:
• Participants will be familiar with the term data journalism and its curation/publication techniques
• At the end of the workshop, each participant will produce at least one data-led multimedia content [data mapping/infographics/interactive charts/timeline or video] and publish them online/social media platforms and check response/ feedback from others.
• The participants will be given a very clear concept of digital reporting tools. So they will not only learn to use the existing tools but also explore new more similar tools.
• They will learn ‘Sometimes it’s better to show- not just tell- a story.’

Profile of Participant

• General assignment or specialist journalists who want to improve their data analysis skills.
• Investigative journalists who want to improve their data analysis skills.
• Designers and web developers who want to work on data projects.
• Editors and newsroom managers who want to know how to plan data projects and build and manage data teams.
• Maximum age limit is 45 years old
• Ability to understand, speak and write in English fluently.