Media Cooperation Exchange Project for Asian Broadcasting Industry Personnel from Aug 21-26, 2018 at Beijing, China

21/08/2018 09:00
26/08/2018 17:30
Asia/Kuala Lumpur




Aug. 21


Whole day


Aug. 22 (Wed.)

Whole day

Technical seminars


Welcome Reception

Aug. 23


Whole day

Participate in BIRTV-2018

Aug. 24


Whole day

Visit CCTV*

Visit Dayang*

Aug. 25


Whole day


Aug. 26


Whole day


*CCTVChina Central Television (CCTV) is the national TV broadcaster of the People’s Republic of China. CCTV now operates 42 TV channels with 25 open channels and 17 Pay TV channels, which reach a domestic audience of more than 700 million viewers daily. Currently CCTV is running 7 International Channels in 6 different languages, including CCTV-International, CCTV-Documentary Channel, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic channel, which makes CCTV the only TV media that carries ongoing broadcast with 6 working languages of the UN every day. CCTV enjoys 1/3 of the demostic market share and the flagship channel CCTV-1 reaches 98.64% of the national population.

  *Dayang Dayang Technology Development Inc. is a world leading manufacturer and developer of broadcast-quality digital solutions for standard-definition, high-definition and web-based products for content creation, ingest, archiving, transcoding, broadcast playout and Media Asset Management.



BIRTV is a most influential exhibition in the industry of radio, film & TV in Asia, which gathers the latest developments and global inspiration of technical innovation and has been well received by the broadcasting industry both at home and abroad. The large number of high standard products exhibited, the continuous participation of top exhibitors and manufacturers, and the huge number of professionals and visitors make this event distinctive and unique. As the compelling market of China continues to grow, this exhibition establishes an inspiring platform for all the brightest minds with finest products in the industry to gather and interact with each other. In BIRTV2016, about 500 companies and over 55,000 visitors from Radio and TV stations of various levels in China, neighboring countries and even Europe or America attended this 50,000 square-meter gala.

BIRTV-2018, with the core of innovation, will highlight the contents of Media Integration, IP multicast network, Multi-platform distribution High Definition and Super Definition. Besides, the latest technologies like digital film, intelligent media, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle will become the new highlights as well.

The Technical Exchange Project will focus on digitization of TV station. The invited broadcasting technical professionals will participate at technical discussions with Chinese technical professionals, visit local broadcasters and broadcasting equipment manufacturers. As guests of BIRTV2018, you will have a chance to navigate through booths of the latest world-class broadcasting technologies.