AIBD/IPPTAR In-Country Workshop on Creating Content for Today's Radio, 23-26 July 2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

23/07/2018 09:17
26/07/2018 09:17
Asia/Kuala Lumpur


This workshop of international-standard is aimed at enhancing the skills of creativity in radio’s content creations by learning the best theoretical and practical hands-on practices.  The 4 days course will provide radio programmers an insightful knowledge in creating content and managing the whole radio production process for both live and recorded programmes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Generating original ideas, identifying suitable ideas from others, and carrying out thorough research;
  • be able to generate original ideas, and to think creatively about how to communicate them to audiences;
  • have excellent writing and storytelling skills, with the ability to tailor and adapt content for different audiences and platforms;
  • have knowledge of the radio market, different station and programme styles, and audience demographics
  • be able to learn how to use a variety of recording equipment and to operate different radio studios;
  • have excellent communication skills, complemented by diplomacy, empathy and patience, along with the ability to build rapport and draw information from people
  • be able to coach and help others to develop radio broadcast content
  • possess a comprehensive knowledge of the subjects relevant to the radio genre in which you wish to work

Workshop Contents:

Workshop overview & Radio through the years

  • This session explores the development of radio, from the early days of Marconi to the growth of Digital radio across the globe.

Understanding the craft

  • This session explores why station identity and branding is important to the success of a radio station; different formats adopted by many radio stations and why they work; audience demographics and how ratings work.

The laws governing broadcast media (including online and social media)

  •  This session addresses the rules and regulations governing broadcast media.

Producing for radio

  • This session looks at the role of a radio producer and essential skills in building and maintaining a successful program and broadcast team.

Creating Content for news and teh art of interviews

  • This session addresses the art of writing for radio news (live broadcast, special reports and delayed broadcast) 

Creating content for programming and the art of interviews (drama, documentary and writing for promos)

  • This session covers the art of interviewing; the different types of interviews;  the various traps when interviewing and how to avoid them/writing for promos

Presenting skills and building a relationship with co-presenters

  • This session looks at how to connect with your audience; building credibility and tips for working with co-presenters in a competitive environment.

Promote your station using multi-social platforms

  • This session explores ways to give your radio station the creative edge to attract and maintain listeners.  

The art of talkback radio

  • This session addresses to tools for setting up a successful talkback show; how to make a topic resonate with your audience; tips for handling on-air callers.  Demonstration in Studio County at IPPTAR’s Studios.             

Creating field reports and news/program package

  • This session addresses the skills on how to find interesting stories and develop them, plus tips on editing and production.

From idea to creation

  • This session addresses the various elements for putting a new program idea together.

Concept of “Hot Clock” and segments’ planning

  • The session addresses the skills to develop broadcast content segmentation based on the concept of “Hot Clock” and the arts of delivery. “Hot Clock” Concept & Segments’ Planning

latest digital (online) technology in the world of radio broadcasting

  • This session highlights the very latest in digital technology and what radio studios and newsrooms will look like into the future.

Learning method

Theoretical description is followed by practical training (case study) and evaluated by trainer.

Profile of Participants (25)

  • DJ/producers from national-based Radio Stations with concepts based on News Channel and Informative such as Nasionalfm, Klasikfm, Aifm (Chinese) & Minnalfm (Indian);
  • Station and regional radio stations with localized programme concept of narrowcasting;
  • At least three (3) years of experience in radio programme production is an essential criteria
  • Ability to express and write in English fluently.