Public Service Announcements

AIBD and RTB organised an In-country workshop on Public Service Announcements from 28 – 31 March 2018, at training centre of Radio Television Brunei (RTB), Darussalam Brunei. With 20 participating broadcasting professionals from the organisation, the workshop significantly focused on how to create impactful public service messages in align with human behaviors, cultural norms and verbal and non-verbal representations.

The main area explored in the workshop was the need for constructing such small messages for TV and radio, which can create awareness among masses and can bring societal and environmental change. The course included the techniques of storytelling through PSAs, idea development, utilizing music and sound effects in impactful manner.

RTB is currently focusing a lot on highlighting their cultural values, legacy along with the contemporary challenges being faced by the people. Participants had the view that with the help of good storytelling technique and having a strong context, public service announcements can really create a positive impact on the audience. Mr Yogesawaran conducted this 3-day workshop, while Nabeel Tirmazi managed the programme.