Pre-Summit Workshop on Media Law and Ethics

09/05/2018 09:17
Asia/Kuala Lumpur

Understanding legal and ethical risks in the media world and dealing with the key challenges faced by media professionals in the age of social media.



To understand and explore the rights and restrictions placed on the media in the contemporary world by:


·         Understanding such issues as defamation and contempt of court;

·         Learning about hate speech and invasion of privacy;

·         Exploring copyright issues;

·         Getting an insight into key ethical challenges.



This workshop is aimed to help participants enhance their storytelling abilities by exploring, in an interactive mode:


·         Ways of achieving fairness and accuracy in reporting;

·         The avoidance of gratuitous offence;

·         The protection of journalistic sources;

·         Approaches towards sensitive treatment of vulnerable individuals and groups;

·         The avoidance of conflicts of interest;

·         Issues around ‘Sting Operations’;

·         Strategies for maintaining neutrality in reporting mews and current affairs;

·         The separation of news from opinion;

·         The limits of ‘cheque-book’ journalism; and

·         The particular pitfalls of social media.


Profile of Participants

Participants who would profit from attending this workshop include:


·         Radio & Television programme producers;

·         Radio & Television news editors and journalists;

·         Social media content creators; and

·         Those responsible for regulatory affairs in media houses.


Those attending are expected to understand, speak and write in English fluently.