AIBD-HBF Regional Workshop 'Safety for Journalists'

Aiming to train reporters working in hostile situations in Asia Pacific region, on necessary skills of preparedness and overcoming belligerent scenarios while reporting, the regional workshop of AIBD / Hoso Bunka Foundation (HBF) for the year 2017 begins at AIBD headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The 4-Day workshop began on 27 November 2017. Mr Alistair Hollington, Consultant from Zero Risk conducted the two-day training course on Safety measurements for Journalists working in disaster-prone areas (i.e. man-made and natural hazards), the training included first aid training, risk assessment, safety precautions for crew and equipment. Managing Director of DART Asia Pacific, Dr Cait McMahon, resumed the second session on 29th  November 2017. The session includes dealing with traumas and stress, self-care strategies for psychological safety while field reporting and interviewing traumatized people. Broadcasters from Bangladesh, Fiji, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Philippines and Sri Lanka are participating in this workshop.

According to a U.N report, globally every five days, a journalist dies on the field, while bringing information to the public. Working in natural disaster prone areas, war zones, and many other non-conflict situations created by organized crime groups, militia, security personnel and even police at times, make local journalists vulnerable.

This workshop is funded through a grant cycle provided by HBF for 2017/2018.