AIBD Participation in UNDP Responsible Business Forum, Singapore

From 8 different countries, 11 producers and reporters from AIBD’s member organisations participated in 6th Responsible Business Forum, which was held in Singapore from 22-23 November 2017. These media professionals, representing Asia Pacific region, recorded various interviews and sessions, involving the top SDG leaders present for the event.
More than 800 delegates from across government, private sector and Non-Governmental Organizations attended the event and had detailed discussions on each Sustainable Development Goal on integrating approaches, measuring various metrics and scaling the efforts.
“Since the establishment of the goals two years ago, there has been a strong swell of support for the SDGs which aim to address the world’s most pressing problems,” said Malcolm Preston, Global Sustainability Leader, PwC in his interview to to Ms.Diana Holmes, Director English News, Maharaja, Sri Lanka.
At the closing ceremony of the Global Initiatives and UNDP organized Responsible Business Forum, SDG Leaders asked Business Leaders and Media Broadcasters to share their commitments to SDG action and their path ahead.
Broadcasters from Vietnam, Myanmar, India, and Fiji, produced Radio shows for their respective countries, while participants from Bangladesh, Thailand, Fiji, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam produced their TV programmes/reports while videography done by camera operators hired by AIBD for the event.
AIBD will soon upload the produced programmes on its website.