AIBD -Hoso Bunka Foundation (HBF) Regional Workshop on Safety for Journalists

27/11/2017 00:00
30/11/2017 00:00
Asia/Kuala Lumpur

With the advent of technology in 21st century, our world has become a global village, the canvas of journalism has expanded a lot during these years, but so has its challenges.

According to a U.N’s report, globally every five days, a journalist is killed on field, while bringing information to the public. Working in natural disaster prone areas, war zones, and many other non-conflict situations created by organized crime groups, militia, security personnel and even police at times, make local journalists vulnerable. Journalists in Asia-Pacific experiencing natural disasters or conflict zones should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills for their own protection.

The aim of this workshop is to train participants from broadcasting organisations, especially working in such hostile situations, on the necessary skills for preparedness, and how to overcome hostile situations while reporting for their organizations.