AIBD/FBC In-Country Workshop on Television Promo Production

AIBD in cooperation with FBC, hosted an in-country workshop on television promo production, from 25 to 28 September 2017, in Suva, Fiji. The workshop had 14 participants which included journalists, producers and editors from FBC and Fiji TV.  

The workshop started off with perception experiments where the participants learn to recognize different physical, cultural and emotional aspects of communication. Workshop experiments were selected carefully from well-verified and reputable studies in academic area, which were interesting enough to motivate participation.

The workshop finished by submitting 2 video productions; one promo video production and one editing practice assignment video.

Dozens of the examples and cases were explored from the perspective of persuasion communication theories including neuro-marketing skill, storytelling tricks, and non-verbal communication details. The workshop also looked at the aspect of advertisement method considering the fact that TV campaign and promo programs are based on the same basic rules.

This 4-day workshop was composed of 11 sessions of interactive lecture and 4 sessions of team assignment, including editing drill practice and presentation tricks. Interactive lectures were composed of question and answer practices using visual materials such as photos and video clips. The group assignments were evaluated based on the level of the individual teams.

The lectures touched on Persuasion Strategy for Selling Goods, Culture Bias & Pseudo-Science Bias, AIDA and Commercial Message, Color Selection, Neuro Marketing, Good Storytelling, Self-introduction Speech, Message Dealing, Non-verbal Communication, Perception Process of Audience, and Announcing & Narration in front of camera.

Sharing the 27 years of experience of the producer from South Korea, especially in making educational programs, this workshop concentrated on the effective ways to deliver short visual messages to the maximum effect in the view of persuasion communication. As a result of the workshop, Fijian participants created video products that are good enough to broadcast which, in fact will be used in their promo products for promotion of special events and their programs in FBC.

The workshop was conducted Ko, Young Joon from EBS TV, South Korea. He is currently on secondment to ABU.