Creative Filming & Editing Workshop

Submitted by Visitor (not verified) on Mon, 12/13/2010 - 16:33

Forever Group from Myanmar requested AIBD to organize a 2-week workshop focused on editing & filming “grammar”. The main objective was to improve the quality of their TV programmes, non-in terms of techniques, but in terms of esthetic.

Over the workshop, Mr. Jean-Dominique Poupel, AIBD consultant and French film maker and editor has first deciphered several TV programmes genres, such as talk show, variety show, informative programme or documentary. The 20 participants have therefore explored the “sense” of the editing and the camera framing from 18 to 29 November 2010 in Yangoon.

After having completed 1-week theory, participants have experience from the ground. First they have worked on an existing and regular shopping show and reviewed the artistic treatment, the framing and the editing composition and rhythm.

Then participants were divided into 6 groups. Based on 7 different tracks of given music, each group has to create a film fitting with the music, no matter the genre and style of the film produced. They had 2 days for doing so.

The main purpose of this exercise was first to put into practice what has been learnt over the first week and then to understand the language and the strength of the images and the editing by being constraint by the music.

The results were impressive as all the films reached an international broadcast quality… Have a look! (Films below)

[swf file="videos/Group 1.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/1160/video-thumb-for-1160-1.jpg"]


[swf file="videos/Group 2.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/1161/video-thumb-for-1161-1.jpg"]


[swf file="videos/Group 3.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/1162/video-thumb-for-1162-1.jpg"]


[swf file="videos/Group 4.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/1163/video-thumb-for-1163-3.jpg"]


[swf file="videos/Group 5.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/1164/video-thumb-for-1164-2.jpg"]


[swf file="videos/Group 6.FLV"othervars="image=video_thumbs/1165/video-thumb-for-1165-4.jpg"]