AIBD/FBC In-Country Workshop on Television Promo Production

25/09/2017 08:30
28/09/2017 17:30
Asia/Kuala Lumpur


This four-day workshop is designed to provide television producers, directors, editors and scriptwriters the knowledge and skills that are essential in producing television promos. Starting with the early stages of how to develop an idea, the workshop will take participants through planning, pre-production, production, treatment, and post production to the finished product.

The workshop also focuses the area of persuasion, subliminal messaging and on Neuro Marking aspect of promos. The workshop will also look at the aspect of effective story telling is suitable for beginners and those who already have some experience of TV promo production, but want to learn how the most effective ways to deliver short visual messages to the maximum effect.


At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

• To effectively strategize to use the power of persuasion principles in promos.

• Use the principles of Neuro Marketing for better packaging (colour selection).

• Enhance skills of storytelling.

• Effectively use the methods of message dealing and non-verbal communication.

• Gain information on presentation practices, narration and self-expression.

• Effective use of editing to deliver short massages.

Profile of Participants

• Television Producers
• Directors
• Scriptwriters
• Editors