India Elected as New EXBO Chairman

Submitted by nabeel on Mon, 08/28/2017 - 10:53

The 16th General Conference (GC) elected five new members of the AIBD Executive Board (EXBO), headed by India as the new chairman, in its recent gathering in Maldives on 22 August 2017. Elected Vice Chairman was Cambodia.


Representatives of member states elected as new EXBO members Bhutan, China, India, Korea and the Philippines. They join four current members in the EXBO to include Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan, and Vietnam.


Full members of the GC Conference were eligible to vote for five new EXBO members. After the GC, the newly constituted EXBO met to elect a new chairman and vice chairman.


In accepting the chairmanship, Mr F Shehryar, Director General of All India Radio who represented India in the GC and EXBO, said AIBD has remained an effective platform for human resource capacity building, and India has benefitted from the many training programmes of the Institute.


“AIBD is our torchbearer, and we are here to ponder on things and translate dreams into reality” he said.


Mr Has Sam Ath, Deputy Director General for International Cooperation, Ministry of Information, who presented Cambodia, said “let us all look forward to working together for the benefit of AIBD”.


The EXBO meets yearly to discuss and endorse policies to the AIBD General Conference. According to its Term of Reference, the EXBO should always have nine regular members, some of them elected every year during the General Conference. Every member state serves for two years.


The GC President and AIBD Director are ex-officio members of EXBO.