AIBD/IPPTAR Sub-Regional Workshop on Data Journalism 24 – 26 July 2017, in Malaysia

Submitted by leeza on Thu, 07/06/2017 - 11:55



This workshop will introduce journalists and editors to data analysis and visualization techniques that can be used in daily journalism as well as in longer-term projects and investigations.





At the end of this workshop the participants will be able to:

·         Do basic data analysis with spreadsheets

·         Find data relevant for your daily stories and investigations

·         Create simple charts and graphs,

·         Create map-based visualizations.

·         Create time-lines.

·         Build data journalism teams

·         Plan for data projects





  • A review of the best in global data journalism
  • How to avoid basic mistakes in using data
  • How to analyze and clean data with spreadsheets
  • How to create charts and graphs from spreadsheets
  • How to use charting and visualization services
  • Finding data using global and regional data services
  • How to plan data projects



Profile of Participant


  • General assignment or specialist journalists who want to improve their data analysis skills.
  • Investigative journalists who want to improve their data analysis skills.
  • Designers and web developers who want to work on data projects.
  • Editors and newsroom managers who want to know how to plan data projects and build and manage data teams.
  • Maximum age limit is 55 years old
  • Ability to understand, speak and write in English fluently.