AIBD/ITU/ABU Regional Workshop on Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting TV and Radio Policy and Transition

05/06/2017 09:00
05/06/2017 17:00
Asia/Kuala Lumpur

The theme for this pre-summit workshop is “Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting TV and Radio Policy and Transition.”   The session will look at the Digital Radio and DTTB from three perspectives, Technical, Policy and Case studies.   The aim of this workshop is to show and aware on different technical standard, implementation from Analogue to Digital Terrestrial transmission and sharing some successful case studies. The degree of technical detail will be set to allow participants from different areas of specialisation to benefit from the Workshop.  



  •  To understand the different Digital Radio and DTTB Standards
  •  To understand on technology trend and status of digital broadcasting transition worldwide
  •  To understand of Transition Roadmap planning and execution using the ITU Roadmap
  •  To understand Regulatory constraints in planning Digital Radio and DTTB
  •  Country experiences on transition from analogue to digital transition


  •  Current status of Digital Radio and Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting worldwide
  •  Digital Broadcasting: issues & challenges
  •  Case study on analogue to digital implementation
  •  Spectrum management and regulation
  •  and more        

Profile of participants

  •  Participants should be at a senior level in the Managerial and Engineering Departments of Broadcasters and Regulators
  •  Ability to understand, speak and write in English fluently