MTRK Uzbekistan Drama Producers told to learn more about China’s rich culture

Submitted by saqib on Fri, 03/10/2017 - 13:44


Drama producers of the National Television and Radio Company (Uzbekistan MTRK) are advised to learn more about the rich culture of the People’s Republic of China.

Deputy Director General, International Cooperation Department of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film & Television (SAPPRFT) Mr Yan Chengsheng believes with better understanding of the diverse culture of China, it would further strengthen the existing cordial bilateral relationships between the peoples of both countries.

He was speaking at a welcoming luncheon in Beijing for the three drama producers of Uzbekistan MTRK who are attending an In-Country Drama Practical production training.  The drama producers are Hurshid Hasanov, Khusan Abdullaev and Anvarkhon Arifkhanov.

Organised by the Research and Training Institute (RTI) of SAPPRFT, the 22-day on-site training with Chinese TV Drama Production Company, Fanstroy Works in Shanghai started on 3rdMarch 2017 and will end on 24thMarch 2017.

Mr Yan also hoped that the training would further enhance their knowledge on the techniques of Television and film productions and would help them produce more quality programmes for media exchange in the near future.