A communication channel has been established between CCTV & MTRK

Submitted by monica on Wed, 12/28/2016 - 10:48
A communication channel between China Central Television (CCTV) and the National Television and Radio Company (Uzbekistan MTRK) has been established to promote the development of TV industry through technology exchange and learning opportunities.
This is one of the positive outcomes as a result of the AIBD/Uzbekistan MTRK training workshop on HDTV production.  Two consultants from CCTV, Ms Wang Pei and Mr Cui Wei, conducted the 5-day workshop held at the Media Center of MTRK in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
The workshop is aimed at enhancing the technical know-how and professional skills of 21 participants. These participants made up of programme directors, cameramen, production engineers and supervisors from central and 12 regional stations of NTRC Uzbekistan and involved in HD TV production. 
The workshop covered a broad range of topics:
· from HDTV technology principles to real-world applications;
· from video shooting/recording to editing;
· from image creation to signal inspection; and 
· from process of recording /producing to broadcasting. 
The workshop has also provided a comprehensive illustration of how to create a good HDTV programme, evaluate programme quality, how to realize technical control during production and camera configuration parameters that helped to resolve the issues at video shooting.  
In addition, technical knowledge on how to build HD studios, how to measure digital system, Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and post-production systems to meet both international standards and their needs were also highlighted.
CCTV consultants also shared their knowledge on the configuration and design of CCTV's broadcasting studios, OB (Outside-Broadcasting) Vans, and post-production systems.  
Various CCTV programmes and production methods were demonstrated at the workshop through watching episodes of entertainments, live shows and documentaries.  This served as an eye opener for the participants on different innovative programme content production.  
The workshop also renewed the historical friendship between the people of China and Uzbekistan of the Great Silk Road, connecting economic activities and cultural exchange between the two countries.  The long established relationship will continue to flourish under the current One Belt, One Road initiatives.
Meanwhile, MTRK Media Center is the first HD programme production base in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  It has 4 HD studios, 20 HD ENG systems, and 30 sets of HD post-production workstations.  MTRK media center provides services for production of TV drama series, talk shows, concerts and various programmes.
Currently, Uzbekistan MTRK has 1 HD channel, 12 SD channels and 4 radio channels.  It is in a key stage transitioning from SD to HD and from analogue to digital.