ABU/AIBD Regional Workshop on Management and Digitization of Audio-Video Archives

Submitted by rabi on Thu, 01/28/2016 - 16:38
Digitalisation of archives still remains a key area of interest for broadcasters as many years of ‘heritage’ content are under threat of being completely lost due to adverse affects of long-term degradation of analogue formats and magnetic media. With new and advanced technologies currently available these heritage archives can now be converted to digital formats and stored in easily accessible digital libraries that are more robust. The process of digitisation also helps in easy management when organised around a Media Asset Management (MAM) system improving efficiency in managing the growing content repository while providing better workflow capabilities and to some extent creating new revenue streams through content sharing. 
Although technologies are mature many broadcasters are overwhelmed by the sheer task ahead and the kind of investment needed for such a process. This is more profound within developing broadcasters with limited resources. They need guidance and expert advice given the wide variety of available digital formats/codecs and what combination of storage formats/media would best suite their requirements. 
The workshop will address steps necessary towards digitalisation of audio-visual archives, beginning with ways to further extend the life of existing analogue tapes to choosing the appropriate technology, metadata schemas and storage requirements and options. It will also look into implementation of MAM systems, its benefits in content management and workflow. Many advanced broadcasters from the region will present and share their experiences in this challenging and mission critical process.