Maldives Elected as New EXBO Chairman



Submitted by saqib on Mon, 08/24/2015 - 13:23


Delegates to the 14th AIBD General Conference & Associated Meetings elected through balloting China, Indonesia, and Korea as new members of the AIBD Executive Board (EXBO). Malaysia and Thailand were re-elected to the Board.

Completing the nine-man board are incumbent members Maldives, the Philippines, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Meeting after the voting, members of the EXBO elected Maldives as their new Chairman, while Indonesia and Sri Lanka were selected as its Vice Chairman.

Maldives was represented by Mr Ibrahim Khaleel, Managing Director of Public Service Media, who thanked members for their vote of confidence.

According to AIBD’s ‘Terms of Reference’, membership of the Executive Board goes to the governments and not to the organisations and individuals.