AMS 2015 : Plenary Session 2



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Day 1 - Tuesday, 26th May 2015

1115 - 1215 : Effective Strategies to Build Markets, Content and Business

More than developing a social media website, broadcasters need a social media strategy that will innovatively enhance their audience engagement, programmes, sales and promotion, research and their brand. Integrating the social media strategy into the overall business plan that reinforces each other becomes critical, and this can be done in a structured and effective manner. To catch audiences and boost ratings, should broadcasting organisations adopt social media anywhere, anytime and how? Do they have a clear vision and a set of strategies to deal with the benefits and risks of social media to business? How can broadcasters exploit social media to monetise opportunities, improve branding and ensure sustainability? How can broadcasters best measure the effectiveness and value for money of social media engagement?


Mr Anothai Udomsilp
Director of Academic Institute of Public Media,
Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS), Thailand


Mr Steve Ahern
Chief Executive Officer, International Media &
Broadcasting Academy (IMBA), Australia
Mr Li Haizhou
Director, CCTV+ New Media Program, China
Mr Brian Chow Kwok Fung
Acting Chief Programme Officer of New Media &
Synergy, Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK),
Hong Kong
Mr Sanjay Salil
Managing Director, MediaGuru, India