AMS 2015 : Plenary Session 1



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Day 1 - Tuesday, 26th May 2015

0945 - 1045 : Social Media’s Landscape, Trends and its Future

Social media is a vast and complex landscape to master, and players in this territory are afforded a wide range of functionalities to create content, publish, share, discuss and network. It enriches engagement with people, events and brands that matter to them. The broadcast industry needs to understand social media’s practical role and influence in business and society. What are the innovations and trends in social media’s usage, functionalities, and activities? Should broadcasters be concerned with its continued growth? Are they monitoring and exploiting social media and in what ways? Do they have policies to minimise social media’s misuse and other risks? What does the future hold beyond Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, among others?


Dr. Mike McCluskey
Independent Media and Broadcasting Consultant,


Mr Christopher Tock
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer,, Malaysia
Mr Kinley Dorji
Secretary, Ministry of Information, Bhutan
Mr Abdelrahim Suleiman
Director-General, Arab States Broadcasting Union
Mr Jung Chuloong
Head and Executive Director of Media Policy,
Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), Korea
Mr Anders Held
Head, International Radio, Swedish Radio and
Project Manager, Radiodays Europe, Sweden