AIBD/ASBU Regional Workshop on Programmes for Social Media

The Regional Workshop on Programmes for Social Media (TV and Radio) organised by AIBD and the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) was held in Amman, Jordan from 7-9 September 2014.

The workshop brought 15 participants, which include social media community editors, new media and multimedia editors, and news and programme managers from broadcasting organisations around the Arab region.

The workshop aimed to allow participants to gain a ‘social media perspective’ in regards to broadcasting and being able to develop a significant relationship with their audience through social media.

The consultant for the workshop was Mr. David Botbol, Deputy Managing Editor for Sports and News Magazines at France TV, France.

During the workshop, participants were shown case studies of successful social media strategies for news, games, fiction and documentary programmes. They were also involved with group work to create their own social media plans to implement in their own organizations, with feedback given by Mr. Botbol.