Balance Media Freedom with Ethics and Professionalism

Submitted by admin on Mon, 08/18/2014 - 17:08

In his keynote address at the Inauguration Ceremony of the AIBD General Conference 2014 in Phnom Penh, Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Sok An has called on broadcasters in Asia-Pacific to balance the exercise of media freedom with ethical and professional behaviour to prevent or minimize abuses that may harm society.

“Regulations are important too in keeping that balance,” he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Sok An, who is also Minister in Charge of Cabinet of the Council of Ministers, spoke of the initiatives the Kingdom of Cambodia has pursued in media development in his keynote address on 13 August 2014 during the Inauguration Ceremony of the 40th Annual Gathering / 13th AIBD General Conference and Associated Meetings in Phnom Penh.

Some 60 AIBD members, affiliates and partners were in the Cambodian capital to participate in the two-day General Conference.

In his speech, he said the Cambodian government has actively promoted the freedom of the press and expression, highlighting the significant growth of newspapers, radio and TV stations in the country. But this must be balanced with professionalism, ethics and regulation.

“Although new media and social media are playing an increasingly active role in the global society, broadcasting media remains an important channel for information, education and entertainment,” he said.


He also spoke proudly of the Cambodian government’s resolve to bring peace, prosperity and security to the nation, citing the recent decision of a Cambodian court to sentence to life imprisonment the two remaining leaders of the Khmer Rouge who were responsible for the reign of terror in Cambodia. 

He encouraged AIBD to continue strengthening cooperation with its members and partners, and to invest more resources in capacity building and training for content providers and technology developers.

Another major task of AIBD, he said, is to assist its members deal with the digital switchover that will take place between 2015 and 2020.

Dr. Khieu Kanharith, Cambodian Minister of Information, delivered the opening remarks, highlighting the strong collaboration and support AIBD has provided broadcast institutions in Cambodia.

He urged AIBD to continue such assistance to fulfil its mandate of meeting the broadcasters’ training needs and promote dialogue and networking among members and partners.

Mrs. Dra. Rosarita Niken Widiastuti, President of the AIBD General Conference, who is also President Director of Radio Republik Indonesia, also spoke at the inauguration ceremony and stressed the need for AIBD to review its vision and mission amidst the changing media landscape.

“AIBD should closely identify opportunities and challenges in the digital world,” she said as she urged members to continue supporting the Institute in order to face a more challenging media environment.

Capping the inauguration ceremony was the presentation of the AIBD Awards 2014 and certificates to the winners.