Book on Social Media Ethics Launched

Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/06/2014 - 07:56

AIBD has officially launched its latest publication entitled “ Media Ethics in the Age of Social Media,” designed to provide media organisations and media practitioners basic guidance on ethical matters. It deals only with ethical issues, not legal ones, though there is clearly an overlap between the two.

The book also offers a few examples of ethical codes to give readers a flavor of the diverse approaches adopted in various countries and ranging from the most elaborate to the most concise.

The launching on 5 May 2014 preceded the start of the 3rd pre-summit workshop on the same topic held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with Dr. Venkat Iyer, the book’s author, and AIBD Director Yang Binyuan gracing the occasion. FES supported the publication.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Iyer said the book was intended to bring to one place some of principles and norms of media ethics.

“It follows a question and answers format which deals with the most important ethical issues in simple and accessible language. I hope it will be of use and relevance to media practitioners and other professionals in the media sector,” he said.

Dr. Venkat Iyer is a barrister and legal academic based in the United Kingdom, who also serves as Law Commissioner for Northern Ireland, with extensive experience in the fields of media ethics and media law. He has undertaken numerous consultancies and led the series of the pre-summits as the consultant.

Binyuan said this publication is intended to serve as a guide to deal with some of the challenges faced by broadcasters and media professionals to respond to situations that involves ethical dilemmas in their journalistic careers.

The book features five chapters covering the logic behind media ethics, issues of general concern, key ethical challenges, and ethical challenges in the context of social media and regulatory matters in the context of social media.