UN Commends 10th AMS Anniversary



Submitted by geraldine on Sun, 05/04/2014 - 23:10

The United Nations has commended the focus of the Asia Media Summit 2014 on media and diversity, saying that “the media have a duty to reflect the strength of this diversity, encourage freedom of expression and thought, and promote social harmony and resilience in the face of challenges.”

In a message to the AMS participants, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said “the media can help bring multiple perspectives to global issues, ensuring that all have a voice. This is especially important as the United Nations and the international community work to define a post-2015 development agenda and tackle other priorities, including climate change.”

He said the conference happens just after World Press Freedom Day, its celebration made more significant because of the crucial role media play in ensuring fundamental human rights such as freedom of opinion and expression that provide the foundation for democracy, good governance and the rule of law.

“They are vital for human dignity, social progress and sustainable development,” he said.

Ban Ki-moon also took note of the media across the Asia-Pacific region that has been instrumental in raising awareness about the Millennium Development Goals.

He called on the media to continue providing a bridge between communities and global decision makers as the post-2015 development agenda is shaped and implemented.

In his greetings to the Asia Media Summit, Ban Ki-moon thanked the AIBD for staging this important gathering and for its ongoing partnership with the United Nations to train journalists and promote awareness about UN priority issues.