AIBD/EUROVISION ACADEMY/CCTV Master Class: Social Media and TV Programmes

Asia/Kuala Lumpur


EBU and EUROVISION ACADEMY will collaborate with AIBD and China Central Television (CCTV) to present their Master Class, an internationally recognized primary training format, on "Social Media and TV Programmes" prior to the Asia Media Summit on 4-5 May 2014 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


The Master Class aims to provide each participant with the necessary skills and understanding to use social media tools more effectively. It will focus on the relationship between broadcasting and social media. Beyond the social media tools themselves, this Master Class will also consider what it means to be truly social with your audience. What should broadcasters do on and offline to build a meaningful social relationship with the audience?


  • To provide participants with the very latest information regarding social media   
  • To impart advice and tips on how to effectively engage and interact with the audience on social media   
  • To enable participants to build a social media strategy/strategies  
  • To inspire participants in their use of social media

Profile of Participants   

  • Social media community editors 
  • New media and multimedia editors  
  • News and programme managers   
  • Communication and marketing managers