3D Technology Benefits



Submitted by admin on Sun, 05/26/2013 - 15:56

Delegates from ten Asia-Pacific and African broadcasters are participating in the 3D Master Class, one of five pre-summit sessions preparatory to the Asia Media Summit 2013 in Manado, Indonesia. Ms. Sarah Rotter, a stereographer of Stereotec in Germany and the workshop trainer, said using 3D technology would reap benefits for broadcasters as well as consumers.

She said 3D technology gives viewers more information and engages them more into the story; it also activates many parts of the brain, creating a deeper connection with the images on the screen.

In her lecture, she emphasized that directors, cinematographers and broadcast production specialists should educate themselves and know critical quality elements of 3D.

"This is important because if the market views one 3D program that is badly produced and causes physical discomfort because of misalignment, it will blame the 3D technology and they will refrain from watching them. So quality is critical," she stressed.

She also said that in producing a 3D program, this should be done right by tapping experts, getting the right equipment and pursuing continuous learning.

Does the future belong to 3D technology? Ms. Rotter said she is not suggesting everything should be in 3D, but it will be here to stay as the advent of digital technology has offered broadcasters opportunities to produce high quality program.