Pre-Summit Events for AMS 2013 Announced



Submitted by admin on Mon, 04/01/2013 - 15:58

AIBD is pleased to join with its partners and supporting organizations in conducting the following Pre-Summit workshops to be held prior to the main Asia Media Summit 2013:  

AIBD/Eurovision Academy/CCTV Master Class: Transmedia Programming
Swiss-BelHotel Maleosan, Manado, 26-28 May 2013

EBU and EUROVISION ACADEMY will collaborate with AIBD and China Central Television (CCTV) to present their Master Class, an internationally recognized primary training format, on "Transmedia Storytelling". The topic centers on transmedia storytelling, creating a single story narrative across multiple platforms through current digital technologies. Participants will grasp the necessary steps to develop their story universes, identify opportunities within it, define their audiences and strategise a successful transmedia production.

AIBD/Broadcast Empire Master Class: Thinking in 3D
Swiss-BelHotel Maleosan, Manado, 26-28 May 2013

The Thinking in 3D Master Class is designed to bring about "3D thinking" in Directors, Cinematographers and Broadcast Producers so as to encourage exploration and integration of this medium into the process of visual storytelling.

AIBD Workshop on Media Ethics in the Age of Social Media
Novotel Manado Golf Resort & Convention Centre, Manado, 28 May 2013

The workshop aims to provide broadcasters and other media professionals a clear understanding of the broad ethical framework within which they need to operate in the new media landscape created by the advent of social media and other technological innovations. It will also prepare broadcasters and other media professionals to respond rapidly, efficiently, and efficaciously to situations which involve ethical dilemmas within their workplace.

AIBD/Radiodays Europe/French Government Workshop on Challenges for Radio in the Digital Age
Novotel Manado Golf Resort & Convention Centre, Manado, 28 May 2013

Radio is still one of the most used medias but need to be innovative and re-invent itself to meet the challenges of today. This workshop will bring international speakers who will show how radio can use mobiles and digital platforms to reach new audiences and how to measure and monetize new digital outlets. During the workshop you will also learn how to engage listeners with appealing and trustworthy content with examples of new creative radio.

CBA/AIBD Regional Workshop on Managing Organisations through a Global Pandemic
Novotel Manado Golf Resort & Convention Centre, Manado, 28 May 2013

The CBA has extensive recent experience working in the area of disaster preparedness for broadcasters. This workshop will build on that, focusing on the often neglected but extremely serious area of pandemics. In the event of a pandemic, broadcasters play a key role in saving lives. The aim of this workshop is to engage participants with the topic, highlighting its importance and giving them the tools to put plans in place to enable broadcasters to best serve their public in the case of a pandemic or other transnational crisis.